ACT- WES 2017 Survey Results

We believe that by working and acting together, we can improve our workplace experience. In order to do this, based on our staff’s review of WES survey results, are plan is to act on what matters to us.

Please see Strategic Plan 2019-2021 Action Items that directly resulted from your WES Survey input. Stay tuned for updates on specific action plans and progress!

Strategic Plan Pillar WES Survey Question Resulting Strategic Plan Action Item
Employee Engagement 1.1 Work Environment I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work effectively Complete a Health and Safety gap analysis – review of tools, equipment, materials, policies & procedures, risk assessments, training, job safety gaps
I have access to the information I need to do my work effectively Develop and deliver an action plan based on SMS gap analysis findings (eg., revise standard operating procedures, missing policies, tools/equipment, materials, document and map roles and responsibility and key processes to improve the work management process
Employee Engagement 1.2 Values & Culture People treat each other with respect and consideration in my workplace Identify actions to improve respect
Develop an action plan to educate our workforce regarding bullying and harassment, what it is and how to address it
My immediate Head/Manager gives me feedback on the work that I do Identify opportunities for staff to give and receive feedback with their managers in an inclusive, collaborative, transparent way
I’m encouraged to offer my opinions and ideas
Employee Engagement 1.3 Health, Safety & Well Being I feel that I am part of a community at UBC Identify and implement opportunities that would connect and strengthen the Facilities department; fitness challenges, building friendships, connecting with others, walking meetings, programs at the wellness centre, BBQ cook-offs, family social events)
Employee Engagement 1.4 Professional Development I am supported in my professional development and learning Develop a personal development program complete with an awareness campaign eg., staff mentoring, apprentices, check-ins, personal development library, professional development sessions, lunch and learns, guided meditation
At UBC, I have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally