Communications guide

Work is the most fun and most rewarding when we feel committed, productive, and conscientious. To actually be committed, productive and conscientious, we must feel valued.

Good communication is an important part of helping people feel appreciated and valued. People like it when they:

  • Hear important news first
  • Are consulted regularly
  • Have their feedback heard
  • See their suggestions acted upon

Our communications surveys are an opportunity for our leadership to engage staff in discussions about what, how, and from whom they want to receive communication. These surveys have proven vital in strengthening communication and trust within our department and, in turn, have resulted in our use of new and multiple communications channels targeted to our specific audiences.

When that type of communication takes place, it help build relationships, promote mutual understanding, and enable contributions to organizational success.

To review our communication practices and principles, visit the Communications Guide on the UBC Finance and Operations Portfolio website. For a listing of channels that we can use to share information from Building Operations to our surrounding campus community, visit the Channels at UBC & Beyond on the UBC Finance and Operations Portfolio website.

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Building Operation’s Audiences

An overview of our audiences with click through to greater detail.

Communications channels inside Building Operations

A quick overview of the communications channels available to you with click through to greater detail.