About us

We make our campus work

Building Operations, the operator of the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC), is dedicated to maintaining and operating our campus spaces to ensure UBC remains at the forefront of improving our world.

Our work includes maintaining and operating our lands, buildings, and fleet as sustainably as possible for the lowest total cost of ownership. For Building Operations, keeping costs low involves balancing between proactive maintenance of campus assets and making strategic capital improvements. Among some of the many daily functions members of our team perform, we keep spaces lit, the air temperature comfortable, waste sorted and recycled, and our campus clean.

Building Operations includes a diverse group of people, a passionate, skilled, and customer-focused team of more than 700 — representing more than 8,400 years of campus knowledge. We are divided across five different areas:

  • Our tradespeople
  • Our custodial team
  • Our municipal team
  • Our customer service representatives
  • Our asset stewardship team

We have a saying in Building Operations: “UBC is not in the business of buildings, it’s in the business of ground-breaking research and exceptional student outcomes.” We know our job is to be the silent heroes who enable UBC’s students and faculty to reach our institutional goals. Together, this dedicated group works to help other members of the UBC community achieve greatness on campus — whether that involves enabling the spaces for the Nobel Prize-winning work of the Michael Smith Labs, or providing a welcoming student study space that leads to top marks and future career success.

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Our campus

Wrapped in 800 hectares of dense forest known as Pacific Spirit Regional Park, our campus proper consists of more than 400 hectares of public realm containing 838,000 square metres of academic building space, and another 760,000 square metres of ancillary space such as student housing and athletic facilities.