Expression of Interest Program

As Building Operations is committed to leadership development, the Expression of Interest (EOI) program was created to support the career development of frontline staff and also provide a pool of qualified candidates equipped to take on key supervisory positions within Building Operations when they become available.

Signing up for the EOI program also provides the opportunity to demonstrate accountability and autonomy over your career development. Participants take control of their required learning through signing up for required courses, self-study online, and scheduling performance feedback conversations with their Heads and Managers.

The EOI program has been developed to provide key information about the types of task management and leadership that Subheads and Heads are responsible for. Heads and Subheads will also play a critical role in mentoring and leading you throughout the EOI program and will be a supportive resource as you transfer the broader skills learned in the EOI program to your specific crews.

For information on signing up for the EOI program, please contact