EAOS program

Improving our asset life-cycle through better preventive care

The Enhanced Assets, Operations, and Services (EAOS) program is a broad-based transformation initiative in Building Operations. The transformation will improve operation of UBC’s engineering systems across their life-cycle—from planning through to decommissioning—to improve university operations and increase employee engagement.

This program will assist us to make the right decision when assessing competing priorities between regular maintenance and as needed repairs.

EAOS covers several areas or interdependent process improvement streams, including:

  • Space use information — What does the campus need this space to do? How does it rank in priority?
  • Asset information — What equipment or systems are fundamental to creating the right space performance?
  • Operations and maintenance procedures — What specific tasks and frequencies are required to keep those key assets operating at their best?
  • Roles and responsibilities — What is needed to provide clarity of responsibility and accountability?
  • Staffing — What are the requirements around staff FTE (training and tools) to get the job done efficiently and effectively?
  • Software and processes — What supporting software and process are needed to effectively carry out Operations and Maintenance (O&M) procedures?
  • Tools and material — What tools and materials are required to carry out O&M procedures?
  • Work planning — What is the O&M plan?
  • Scheduling — How can all O&M procedures be planned for effective use of staff resources and work prioritization?
  • Assigning — Who will be assigned the tasks to complete O&M procedures?
  • Data and feedback — How are we doing? How are we measuring success, through which key performance indicators?

There’s a lot to achieve and we want to make sure this project is done correctly. To be successful, we’ll need everyone’s help; so please let us know if you want to be involved.

EAOS Updates

March 2018

Several initiatives are progressing, including CMMS, Custodial Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence, and Work Scheduling, Planning & Execution. The EAOS Roadmap has been updated to reflect this, which you can find in our Documents and Presentations section.

January 2018

  • EAOS Roadmap draft created

Achieving the goals of the EAOS Program requires the coordination of our time and resources. The EAOS Roadmap is a tool to help demonstrate where and when our efforts will be spent to drive specific EAOS initiatives to completion.

Currently in draft, the EAOS Roadmap will be updated as projects are staffed, planned, implemented, and completed. You can find the most up-to-date version of the Roadmap in our EAOS Documents and Presentations section.

July 2017

  • Cosmetic updates to Tree Main Branches – now they’ve got oval shapes
  • New goal under “Right number of Staff with the Right Skills”: A Computerized Timekeeping System

The Timecard Improvement Project (TCI) is underway. Visit the TCI Project Page for more information.

The EAOS Tree: our goals and how they relate, visualized


The EAOS Tree represents the goals and milestones we want to achieve. Why a tree? The EAOS Program can develop and change over time, much like a growing tree: you’ll see its colours change to indicate our progress towards achieving EAOS Program goals; it could branch out to demonstrate how the EAOS Program reaches into different parts of Building Operations; it also shows how some of the program goals are related to each other.

EAOS team members visited shop talks in early 2017 to introduce the tree, how to read it, and how you can participate in EAOS. The EAOS tree is posted in the USB North Atrium for all to see.

In this section

EAOS documents & presentations

A selection of key communications and presentations so you can review information and update new staff.


As questions come up across the project, we'll be updating this list.