Using UBC email

FAS? OWA? CWL? What does this all mean?

Trying to access your UBC email (FAS or Faculty And Staff email system)? Not certain about your username and password (CWL or Campus-Wide Login)? New to Microsoft Outlook’s online version (OWA or Outlook Web App)?

Accessing your account is easy, just follow the directions located here and you’ll be using your email account in no time.

A few things you’ll need to know about your new UBC email account

  • In most cases emails have been set up as (e.g., unless you have a common name and that email address is already in use. You do not need to know your email address to log into your account. You can easily verify your email address by sending an email and then checking your sent box.
  • Building Operations will email the department’s weekly newsletter to this email address every Tuesday, shops may continue to print the newsletter for groups that do not use emails in their day to day work.
  • UBC will not use this email address to get in touch with you unless you have identified this address as a means for the university to contact you.
  • You can use this email address for your personal correspondence, but please ensure that the content of sent and received emails as well as any attachments are appropriate and in accordance with UBC IT Policy 104 and Building Operations Systems Security Policy I-D-02.

Need more?

These resources have even more information about the web-mail tools at UBC: