Projects & Programs

Making us safer, simpler, more sustainable and efficient

Building Operations is working to create a new customer experience. That means we’re working on our people, process and tools to deliver a great experience for both Building Operations staff and the people we serve.

Each program below is marked with one of our five strategic pillars;  Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Asset Stewardship, Innovation and Customer Experience

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Communications snapshot

The Communications Snapshot project will create best-practice communications tools to help us share information quickly and accurately.

EAOS program

The Enhanced Assets, Operations and Services (EAOS) program will assist us to assess competing priorities between regular maintenance and as needed repairs.

Kids to Work Day

  Kids to Work Day is an annual event that takes place early November each year, and is hosted by Facilities and led by Building Operations. Kids to Work Day is an opportunity for our staff to bring their Grade 9 children to visit their parents’ workplace. This day allows the students to gain insight […]

New Building Transition Team

The New Building Transition Team works to get Building Operations at the table with the contractors to identify equipment, safety, or training issues before we take ownership of new buildings.