Forms, policies, and other tools

Tools to help you work with UBC Building Operations and manage your tasks and issues.

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Submit a Service Request

Submit your service requests through this online system. We use Planon for managing UBC’s maintenance activities, inventory and assets (building and grounds assets which require maintenance).

Assets & Tools

Some of the equipment and tools on campus Some of the equipment and tools on campus you’ll encounter as you go through your day-to-day. In this section

Building Administrators

Learn more about this role and how we work together to keep spaces on campus at their best.

Ice prevention & snow removal

When extreme weather comes to the UBC Point Grey Campus, we're responsible for managing snow and ice. Learn how we manage these conditions and your best route through campus.

Policies, procedures & forms

A quick list of links to forms and documents to help you work with Building Operations.

Technical guidelines for architects & engineers

Design and construction standards for new buildings and major renovation projects on campus.