We play a big part in UBC’s sustainability story

Building Operations is a leading partner in UBC’s commitment to transform the entire UBC campus into a living laboratory—a societal test-bed for sustainability. In this way, the University’s physical plant becomes a testing ground in which staff, students, faculty members, researchers and partners test, study, teach, apply and share lessons learned, technologies created and policies developed. Through our partnerships, learnings and outcomes are applied beyond the campus, ensuring the University acts as agent of change to address some of society’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

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Custodial initiatives

Custodial services are always changing and improving thanks to better chemical research and development and improved tools.

E3 platinum fleet

We are recognized leaders for our carbon-neutral fleet of 240 vehicles and specialty motorized equipment.

Fall Leaf Collection

Our campus is very large and creates a huge amount of leaves each fall. We share why we gather the leaves and the tools we use to minimize the impact to campus.

Supporting Zero Waste

Building Operations is a key supporter of UBC's plan to be a “Zero Waste” campus where all unwanted products and materials will be treated as resources that can be used again.