Bright Ideas


Facilities Bright Ideas: We want to hear from you!

Everyone in Facilities is invited to submit Bright Ideas that contribute to the success of our five strategic goals:

  • Employee Engagement: Provide a safe, inclusive, healthy workplace where everyone feels appreciated, supported, valued and inspired to be personally committed to the mission and values of UBC.
  • Leadership Development: Create formal and informal leaders at all levels of the organization that exhibit confidence and empowered behaviour, driving high performance business units
  • Asset Stewardship: To operate, proactively maintain and improve UBC’s assets and spaces in a sustainable manner to ensure they are safe, efficient and effective.
  • Innovation: To develop and facilitate an innovative environment enabling excellence and greatness in staff, clients and the UBC community.
  • Customer Experience: To create a mindset that embraces excellence in customer service. We foster a culture that supports this vision among the department and improves the customer experience throughout our community

We will review all submissions monthly.  If your Bright Idea is chosen for potential implementation, you will be contacted by the Administration Team shortly after the end of each month.

All Bright Ideas are kept on file throughout the year and your Bright Idea could include you as a nominee in our Staff Recognition program, where employees are recognized annually for their contributions in the categories of; Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Asset Stewardship, Innovation, Customer Experience and Inspiration.

If you have a Bright Idea, please fill out the form below or submit your idea to Building Operations by e-mailing 

Bright Ideas

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