Communications templates

There are many resources available to create outstanding communications deliverables that align with the vision and values of UBC and our portfolio.

The VPFO Communications & Engagement team has developed a suite of templates and other tools to help you create communications that are not just aligned to look and feel, but are aligned to our brand as well.

Visit the VPFO Communications & Engagement website to learn more and find the resources you need, or visit the links below to self-serve and get started on your communications.


Document templates for communications planning and sharing information.

  • Communication Plan Template
    The Communications plan is a tool to help you make sure you’re speaking with the right people, at the right time, in a way that will improve outcomes. It helps you to map from your overall goal to specific tactics that are all strategically and thematically aligned to push towards a measurable change in opinion and behaviour.
  • Information Toolkit Template
    The Information Toolkit is a quick way to create a framing document for managers. It helps take key parts of your communications plan and present it in small usable pieces to brief managers and supervisors so they can brief their staff.