New Employee Orientation and Onboarding (NEO)

Help our new employees make a successful transition to UBC

As we work as a team, we are creating an orientation and onboarding experience in which new employees feel connected, valued and inspired.  The process, information and resources are designed to be simple and sustainable for everyone to navigate, manage and support.

When it comes to onboarding a new employee, everything matters. Every choice, every action, every conversation has the potential to create a positive impact and little things can make a big difference in the new employees overall experience. When onboarding a new employee, think about how your decisions, actions and communication “ will effect the employees experience here at UBC.

Four blended stages within orientation and onboarding

Our new employee orientation and onboarding process includes four stages which are blended: pre-engagement, engagement, orientation and onboarding:

  1. Pre-engagement – includes developing the job advertisement and information included in the career section on the Building Operations and HR websites.
  2. Engagement – starts with inviting potential employee for interview
    Introduction and welcome to Building Operations and UBC.
  3. Orientation – same starting point and extends to completing checklists
    Build relationships and familiarize with department and unit. This includes the interview process, letter of offer process, and the onboarding with the managers and heads.
  4. Onboarding – starts when offer is extended to new employee
    Larger process to integrate employees into new environment. The onboarding stage begins with the letter of offer and is one year in duration.

Our goal is to provide information, resources, and support to new employees to help set them up for success in their new role, on the team, as a key member of the Building Operation’s team, and to making their unique difference at UBC.