* Building Operations’ COVID-19 Safety Plan: Updated September 24, 2020 *

Projects, programs, and more…

This section of the Building Operations website is for Building Operations employees. It contains information so that we can participate in projects and programs, download forms and templates we need to do our jobs, and connect with larger university benefits and programs.

In this section

Bright Ideas

Anyone in Building Operations is invited to submit ideas that could potentially save resources, improve service, increase safety, or improve the quality of our work life.

Building your career

There are opportunities within Building Operations to cross-train and develop so that your career can grow and prosper.


Tools and tips for connecting together and sharing information across Building Operations and UBC.

Elevator Loading

Most elevators at UBC are passenger elevators classified as ‘Loading Class A’. If you are planning to move a piece of equipment into an elevator in your building, please read the loading equipment FAQ and elevator loading classification.

Health & Safety

Programs, resources, and more… find the programs and tools to manage your health & safety. In this section

Managers & Heads

Documents, forms and information for Managers & Heads

Projects & Programs

We're working to create an inspiring campus by aligning our people processes and tools to deliver great experience for all campus users.

Staff Recognition

Everyone in Building Ops works hard to make this a great place to work. Throughout the year we try to host fun events and serious awards to remind everyone how great they are and how strong our team is.

Workplace Experiences

Every three years, the university surveys staff and faculty about their workplace experience. Find out more about our efforts to increase staff engagement in the workplace.