Our departments

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Building Operations consists of six inter-related groups dedicated to enhancing and sustaining UBC’s Vancouver campus infrastructure:


The Trades group is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of HVAC systems, lighting and electrical power systems, automated building controls, conveyance devices, fire/life safety systems, and architectural building systems in core UBC Buildings.

Municipal Services

The Municipal Services group is responsible for providing Waste Management services, soft and hard landscape services, automotive and equipment maintenance as well as moving and general labour services to the University.

Custodial Services

Custodial Services is responsible for the custodial care of UBC buildings. The custodial team provides cleaning services and locking and unlocking of exterior doors, as well as set up for University functions and events.

Customer Services and Informatics

The Customer Services group has been assembled to help with any building-related problems and to serve as the connection between the University community and the custom services provided by UBC Building Operations. Clerical and Payroll staff also support our internal customers in operating the department.  Customer Services & Informatics is Building Operations’ representative for customer engagement, business projects and initiatives, analytics, reporting, technology and continuous improvement initiatives.

Asset Replacement and Improvement

Asset Replacement and Improvement leads the deferred maintenance program and fosters an environment to generate creative ideas on how to improve and maintain the university’s facilities and grounds. The four main areas of focus for Asset Stewardship are: Annual and 5 year Capital programming, New Building Commissioning and Handover, Quality Assurance and Engineering support to Building Operations.