Custodial managers

Custodial managers lead the operations of the custodial unit made up of approximately 300 staff. Custodial managers plan, organize, direct, implement and evaluate strategic operational and business plans for the division.

Custodial supervisors

Custodial Supervisors prioritize and assign work to Building Service Workers and check the general condition of Campus Buildings to ensure conformance with established standards.

Customer services

Facilities managers

Facilities managers are the primary contact point between Building Operations and its clients for building maintenance services, including: cleaning, preventive maintenance, maintenance, repair, and minor renovation of the University’s physical facilities and buildings.


Municipal managers

Municipal managers oversee the operations, maintenance, repair, and renovation of campus municipal services to provide safe, simple, sustainable, and efficient service to the campus community and to protect UBC’s assets and reputation.


Operations managers

Operations managers leads and manage new operational initiatives within all units of Building Operations, including municipal, trades, utilities and custodial units. Operations managers plan, organize, execute, and evaluate continuous improvement initiatives and re-engineer operational practices that impact the entire Building Operations department and services delivered to the University.

Payroll administrator

The payroll administrator manages all payroll activities for Building Operations; performing advanced workforce administration, managing a team of payroll employees, and ensuring compliance with union agreements, university policies, federal/provincial legislation, and regulations and providing advice relating to pay, benefits, and vacation.

Program managers

Program managers provide the driving efforts to materialize the department initiatives and fulfill the Building Operations vision. Program managers manage a number of projects of considerable size, diversity, and complexity as well as provide strategic leadership in developing, implementing, and managing a formal program for these projects.

Trades and technicians

Technical specialists

Technical Specialists in mechanical, electrical and architectural systems ensure that troubleshooting support is there for the trades teams and also create the best solutions for design and preventive maintenance routines so that the University maintains and operates our building assets at the lowest total cost, while minimizing energy usage and enabling great teaching and research in our spaces.

Trades managers

Trades managers oversee the operations, maintenance, repair, and minor renovation of university facilities. Trades managers are responsible for organizing, coordinating, and allocating personnel, equipment and funds, as well as developing and monitoring costs, methods, and procedures.