Compost facility operators

The Compost Facility Operator is responsible for the organization, direction and supervision of the UBC In-Vessel Compost Facility and the Material Recovery Facility

Dispatchers & receivers

The dispatcher/receiver is responsible for the scheduling and dispatch of pick ups and deliveries and for the receiving and distribution of all goods and materials received. The dispatcher/receiver is also responsible for: the operation of the vehicle fleet and supervision of drivers engaged in the transport of goods and materials, vehicles, equipment, and labourers for jobs; the scheduling and dispatch of pick ups and deliveries; managing a safe and efficient warehouse; and making sure that materials are shelved or dispatched in a timely manner.


Labourers operate specialized equipment and perform maintenance work and other physical work within the Municipal Services unit.

Landscape technologists

Landscape technologists perform horticultural work as well as skilled soft/hard landscape practices such as design, construction, pruning, nursery work, propagation, pesticide, and chemical application.


Mechanics perform mechanical repair and maintenance for campus vehicles and equipment.  Mechanics  inspect and certify vehicles and equipment in accordance with provincial vehicle inspection program requirements.


The Stores unit provides all manner of hardware and safety supplies for UBC academic and ancillary departments and is responsible for the control, replenishment, and reporting of inventory, furniture, tools, and related materials, supplies, and equipment.

Tool crib operators

Tool crib operators are responsible for overseeing the efficient operation of the central tool crib; which rents a wide range of power tools and equipment to on-campus customers.

Truck drivers

The Truck Driver operates trucks over 7,000 lbs. GVW and up to including 16,000 lbs. GVW engaged in transport of materials, equipment, and a variety of cargo to assist in the construction and maintenance of structures and to perform general landscaping, campus clean up, and road repair tasks as required.

Waste management

Waste management truck drivers are responsible for the collection and disposal of solid waste across campus.