Who works here?

We hire a huge diversity of people and skills

We are a large department in an even larger university. You can think of UBC as a combination of a municipality and a large, complex corporation. You’ll probably be surprised by who works here and all of the things it takes to make UBC run. Check out our position types and see where you see yourself at UBC.

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Our clerical team keeps the our work moving smoothly and complexity to a minimum. Administrative Clerks The administrative clerks are the people behind the scenes that keep Building Operations running. They process the documents and support the employees so the work gets done. Payroll Clerks Keeping track of the time and tasks of 700 employees, […]


Building Service Workers Building Service Workers  provide cleaning services for offices, classrooms, labs, and common areas and  provide minor maintenance tasks, lock and unlock exterior doors, and  set up for University functions and events; including final exams and Congregation ceremonies. Custodial Storekeepers Custodial Storekeepers are responsible for the operation of the Custodial stores unit in […]


BMS engineers BMS engineers apply building management systems to routinely monitor the operation of mechanical equipment, identify malfunctions in equipment, investigate malfunctions detected by BMS, recommend solutions, and take corrective action. Engineering assistants Engineering assistants provide technical assistance by preparing designs and estimates as well as coordinating and inspecting work performed by outside contractors or […]


Custodial Custodial managers Custodial managers lead the operations of the custodial unit made up of approximately 300 staff. Custodial managers plan, organize, direct, implement and evaluate strategic operational and business plans for the division. Custodial supervisors Custodial Supervisors prioritize and assign work to Building Service Workers and check the general condition of Campus Buildings to […]


Compost facility operators The Compost Facility Operator is responsible for the organization, direction and supervision of the UBC In-Vessel Compost Facility and the Material Recovery Facility Dispatchers & receivers The dispatcher/receiver is responsible for the scheduling and dispatch of pick ups and deliveries and for the receiving and distribution of all goods and materials received. […]


Our trades take care of the maintenance and repair of virtually every part of the buildings on campus.