Our trades take care of the maintenance and repair of virtually every part of the buildings on campus. Our tradespeople are Red Seal certified—the recognized standard of excellence in the skilled trades. We supply up-to-date tools and equipment and work hard to stay informed and trained on new technologies, methods, and materials.

Architectural trades roles

Architectural crews are responsible for the maintenance and repair and minor renovations of architectural building systems, including building envelopes, and structural integrity. This includes ensuring that all UBC buildings are in compliance with applicable building codes and regulations.


UBC’s bricklayers provide the campus with a wide range of services, from small repairs to larger additions and renovations. Skilled in the areas of brick and block work, stone masonry, ceramic tiling, glass blocks, concrete, re-pointing, fire-stopping, paving and other related areas, our bricklayers also have special expertise in decorative masonry and heritage restoration.


UBC’s carpenters design, build, repair or alter custom furniture, shelving, cabinets, tackboards, noticeboards, display cases, or any other specialty items that need attention both on site and in our modern and fully equipped carpentry shop.


UBC’s glaziers measure, handle, cut, prepare, install and repair all types of glass, mirrors and glass substitutes, typically in buildings or on the exterior walls of buildings.


UBC’s painters apply paint, wallpaper, fabric, and other finishes to interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures. They also repair cracks and holes in walls and prepare work surfaces by scraping, sanding, sand-blasting, hydro-blasting and steam-cleaning.


UBC’s plasterers applying coats of plaster and decorative coverings of other materials to inside and outside walls and ceilings of buildings to produce finished and/or fireproofed surfaces.

Roofer & Caulkers

UBC’s roofers maintain, build, and repair flat roofs using hot asphalt, gravel and waterproof sheet materials as well as occasionally building and repairing sloped roofs using asphalt and wood shingles, shakes and masonry, or baked clay roofing tiles and metal materials.


UBC’s sign makers create and design campus signage using consistent formats and type styles for formal and directional signs. The sign makers are also capable of developing creative signs for special events, employee recognition plaques and awards, and engraving.

Mechanical trades roles

Mechanical crews are responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This includes ensuring that all university buildings are in compliance with applicable codes and regulations and monitoring building mechanical systems to ensure that energy management targets are being met.

BMS engineers

BMS engineers apply building management systems to routinely monitor the operation of mechanical equipment, identify malfunctions in equipment, investigate malfunctions detected by BMS, recommend solutions, and take corrective action.

Engineering assistants

Engineering assistants provide technical assistance by preparing designs and estimates as well as coordinating and inspecting work performed by outside contractors or consultants.

Mechanical maintenance assistants

Mechanical maintenance assistants check HVAC filters and perform filter changes, including the delivery of new filters and disposal of old filters, perform cleaning of plenums and coils, and perform visual checks and report any maintenance and/or operations concerns that may have been observed.


Millwrights install, maintain, inspect, and repair university-wide machinery and equipment. Millwrights work to ensure proper functioning of university equipment to minimize downtime and extend equipment lifespan, and to ensure safe and efficient operating conditions at all times.

Operating engineers

Operating engineers perform checks, routine maintenance, and operation of pumps, fans, compressors, steam expansion joints, high pressure steam traps, and associated mechanical equipment and systems on campus.


Plumbers maintain, repair, and perform renovation work for gas, air, water, and waste disposal systems and for the interior and exterior water mains and drainage systems throughout the university.

Refrigeration mechanics

Refrigeration mechanics are responsible for the operation and maintenance of: campus-wide mechanical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration systems; environmental chambers; heat recovery systems; data centre cooling systems; chilled water cooling systems; and other related equipment. Refrigeration mechanics work to ensure the most efficient and optimal performance of HVAC and refrigeration systems, minimize equipment downtime, and maintain and extend equipment service life.

Sheet Metal Workers

Sheet metal workers perform fabrication work, repairs, maintenance, and renovation work of sheet metal fixtures for heating, ventilation, roofing, windows, doors, and other related installations.


Steamfitters plan, layout, assemble, install, maintain, repair, and perform renovation work of building steam and hot water heating systems, chilled water systems, and high and low pressure steam lines and equipment throughout the university.

Electrical trades roles

Electrical crews are responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of lighting and electrical power systems, elevators,  fire/life safety systems, and automated building controls.

Controls & Instrument Techs


Electricians perform preventive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, diagnostic repair, alterations, and installations of electrical, electro-mechanical, control, and communications systems and equipment.

Apprentices and specialist trades roles

At UBC, some of our certified trades work in specialized roles to support projects.

Apprentices (Multiple Trades)

Project Coordinators

Project Coordinators coordinate personnel, consultants, contractors, funds and other resources required to implement all aspects of projects and minor individual works across campus.

Site supervisors

Site supervisors organize and direct multi-trade site work forces assigned to a particular renovation, demolition or construction project.