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Asset Stewardship

No Parking on Walter Gage Road During Use as Layby

Four coach buses will be parked near the Gage Towers on July 20, 2018 between the hours of 8:30 -9:00 am and 12:00-12:30 pm

Please find alternate parking at this time.


Leadership Development

Marcus Drozdzik Is the New Electrical Technical Specialist

Marcus Drozdzik is the successful candidate for the recently vacated Electrical Technical Specialist position in Building Operations. In line with Building Operations Leadership Development pillar – specifically in career development, Marcus has excelled in many positions since starting UBC in 1995. He started as an electrical apprentice and has continually progressed through roles in the organization: Electrician, Head Electrician (Fire & Life Safety), Engineering Assistant, Project Coordinator (Construction Office), Project Coordinator (Electrical Technical Support).

The role of Electrical Technical Specialist aligns very closely with both our Customer Service and Asset Stewardship pillars. Marcus’ technical knowledge of UBC assets is second to none. He has been a key contributor in developing and coordinating electrical renewal projects and has successfully lead and executed hundreds of preventive maintenance shutdowns. He is also makes himself available to assist and to provide advice when asked. Through every aspect of his work, Marcus provides a high level of customer service, which has perhaps helped him to win the UBC Building Operations Customer Service award in 2015.

Marcus will report to Darko Jelic, the Senior Manager, Building System Owner Electrical. In his new role, Marcus will provide technical solutions related to electrical assets (including electrical distribution, controls, conveyance, Fire/Life/Safety (FLS) and lighting systems). He will actively lead the Electrical Project Coordinators with in-house design, review of design by others, construction quality control, commissioning quality control and the planned operations and maintenance of all electrical assets within the core academic campus at UBC. In collaboration with Energy and Water Services, Infrastructure Development and UBC Properties Trust, he will provide recommendations of Technical Guideline improvements as well as technical expertise. Marcus is responsible for the handover process of new electrical systems construction to Building Operations including the quality control of construction, training on new assets and documentation to support ongoing maintenance, oversight of quality commissioning. He will also support the electrical team in development of proactive maintenance strategies for electrical assets. He is also a resource for Electrical Trade Heads providing technical coaching and feedback.

Marcus will start his new role on July 17, 2018.

Please join us in congratulating Marcus in his new role!


Check Out for Current Building Ops Job Postings

Know anyone interested in working in Building Operations? Let them know about our current job postings.

  • #30536 Evening Full Time Service Worker
  • #30568 Weekend Night Service Worker
  • #30532 Truck Driver / Medium Labourer

For full listings, check out designated job postings boards or visit UBC Careers.


Employee Engagement

Managers’ Quarterly Meeting – July 11, 2018

The Managing Director addressed Building Operations Managers and Managers from RMS, HR and Communications last week and shared what he has learned since joining the organization six week ago. In general, he shared how our customers view Building Operations and how we view ourselves. He was impressed with the quality of talent we have within our department and will spend the next month setting up Strategic Planning workshops to develop action plans that support our programs and values. These workshops will have attendance from across the organization and will happen in the fall. Further information and requests for attendees will come from your managers in the coming weeks.


Vanpooling Pilot Program in Its Initial Stage

We shared in our June 19 newsletter that Campus Planning and Translink are looking into a Vanpool Pilot Program open to all faculty and staff of UBC. Vanpooling is a great opportunity to reduce travel costs to work each day. It is also an opportunity to meet our sustainability goals by reducing our carbon footprint.

The information sharing sessions held on June 21 and 22 were well attended. It indicates that there a lot of staff interested in vanpooling. As a result, Campus Planning is arranging to meet with Translink and Modo to discuss next steps and get into the details of the program. Stay tuned!


Customer Service

UBC Press Impressed with Building Ops’ Support


Thank You to Crew for Cleaning Around the USB Building

Here’s a big thank you to the landscaping crew, responding to a request for cleaning up the landscaping around our USB building, especially around the main entries.


Building Ops Rescues Wildlife

A special thank you goes out to Andrei Stefan and Mike Manhas for their rescue of a Barn swallow nestling after it fell from its nest along with its two siblings. The nestling was the sole survivor and was sitting with its feather puffed and not moving.

Andrei and Mike brought to baby bird to the USB Risk Management Services office where the SPCA Provincial Call Centre was contacted for guidance. It was recommended to take the baby barn swallow to the Vancouver SPCA so that it could be nursed to health and released when ready.

Given that barn swallows are designated as a threatened species under the federal Species at Risk Act, Andrei and Mike did more than just a good deed. They helped preserve the life of a threatened species.


NPS Is Getting a New Look For Better Performance Measure

To reflect the work we do within the Customer Service pillar we’ve made some changes on how we report out the NPS scores.

We will not include the NPS% in our NPS weekly report, since these percentages do not reflect how customers are rating the service that we performed during the NPS reporting week.

Customers can rate our service on a rating scale between 0-10. For the past year and a half our average score has been 9.5/10. To understand how to interpret the NPS percentage here is how it is calculated. The NPS number, is based on the preceding six months of responses. Dips in the score happen when respondents who were considered ‘promoters’ but who haven’t filled out the survey for more than 6 months are no longer included in the calculations and a new respondent in the last six months who has filled in the survey for the first time with a ‘detractor’ score will cause a reduction in the percentage. What happens is that most of our ratings come from the same respondents week after week, and the way NPS is calculated, each respondent is weighted exactly the same regardless of the number of times they give us a score in the same 6-month period. (To put it another way: people who gave us a 0 rating at any time had an average of 14.7 responses to the survey; people who gave us a 10 had an average of 117 responses; but each person is given the same importance when calculating the NPS.) Since using NPS in 2011 our highest score: 93% (week 47, 2011) and the lowest score: 68% (weeks 40 & 46, 2013; also week 3, 2014) giving us an average of 80.15%. So you can see how this would not be reflective of how satisfied our customers are for the week that we are reporting on.

Our plan is to update the way we collect Customer Feedback and the best way and metrics to report out on Customer Satisfaction, some of you will be involved in this work and we will keep you all posted on progress.