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Asset Stewardship

Limited Vehicle Access at Alumni Centre and the Nest Due to Repairs to South Plaza Pavers

From June 18 – 26, sections of pavers will be removed at the Alumni Centre and the Nest, and will be replaced with temporary asphalt fix to East and West side of the plaza. There will be limited vehicle access to Alumni Centre only.

  • All Building Ops’ vehicles and AMS deliveries to use the Loading bay at the Nest off Student Union Boulevard.
  • Only Alumni deliveries and Emergency vehicles (Ambulance, VFD & RCMP) will be allowed to enter off University Boulevard.
  • Flaggers on site will be on site to strictly enforce these measure.

AMS South Plaza

The Nest Loading Bay


Employee Engagement

Thank You for Participating in the Ladder Demonstration

The Little Giant Ladder System brought some ladders for demonstration last June 13. We’d like to thank all those who came to check out the ladders and the safety features they offer. Thank you to Matthew Harraway, Paul Harris, Linda Roseborough and Lori Takenaka for coordinating the demonstration.

We’d like to hear from you. If you attended the demonstration and received an evaluation form, please submit them to Caroline Soriano. It will help determine which ladders to bring back for trials in our job sites. If you have ideas on how to increase safety in our workplace, email your  bright ideas at


Come to the Information Sharing To Learn More about the Vanpool Pilot Program

UBC and TransLink are considering a vanpool pilot program for UBC employees. Vanpooling is a fantastic opportunity to reduce the cost to travel to work each day for individuals and contribute to our sustainability goals.  This vanpool program will be different than previous programs at UBC with fantastic incentives!

Join TransLink and Campus Planning for one of two informational sessions to learn about this new and exciting pilot program for UBC.

Sessions in CIRS Policy Labs A&B are:

  • Thursday, June 21, 11:30 am – noon
  • Friday, June 22, 11:30 am – noon


The Annual Building Ops Tournament Was Another Hole-In-One!

Building Operations’ number 1 social event happened last Saturday, June 14th, on a beautiful sunny day (as promised). Thank you to all those who signed up and participated. Everyone who attended had lots of fun especially Ajay Prasad, who was this year’s winner.

Thanks to the organizing committee:

  • John Singh, Carpenter Shop
  • Paul Tees, Electrical Shop
  • Joe Gallagher, Campus and Community Planning
  • Winston Feliciano, Stores

The success of this event relies on a lot of help from you. The committee invites you to join and help out. If you wish to participate, please contact any of the committee members.

John Singh, Joe Gallagher and Paul Tees

Greg Scott watching Mike Paley try to sink the ball in a game of billiards, oops, golf


Customer Service

Kudos To All Who Take Pride in their Work

Tony Boyce and Tom Davis were spotted cleaning their shop vehicle. Thank you for taking the time to keep the vehicles clean. Vehicle inspections are coming soon and doing this certainly helps the team a lot. Thank you Albano Pires, mechanic, for sharing.

Kudos from our customers:

  • Blue zone painters for getting work done quickly
  • Orange zone carpenters for being patient and thoughtful, thereby doing an excellent job
  • The Teal zone received a perfect 10 for the speedy service, being friendly and informative
  • Thanks to the Electrical team for being a pleasure to work with.
  • The Yellow zone team for fulfilling a last-minute request to dispose of a desk in Buchanan
  • The Custodial team for the amazing job on cleaning the carpets on the second floor of D block


Job well done to those who worked on the annual feeder shutdown on June 9

Kudos to all who worked tirelessly to perform preventive maintenance on the high voltage building service switches. With coordinated effort from Building Operations and Energy & Water Services, the shutdown was without major hiccups. This is another testament to work excellence and expertise.

Awesome job, guys!


Leadership Development

Keeping You Safe…Know About Personal Security on Campus

With a potential risk for personal safety, especially for those working after-hours, there are various personal security options available to you, including, AMS SafeWalk, shuttle buses and campus blue phones. Here are ways to help you increase your personal safety.

Tips to enhance your personal security while at UBC:

  • Know the location of the nearest phone, alarm, and exits.
  • Post emergency numbers by the phone.
  • Stay in busy, well-lit areas and avoid shortcuts through low-traffic areas.
  • Walk with someone whenever possible. Use SafeWalk at 822.5355 or use a UBC Blue Phone.
  • Work in pairs or as a team, when possible. If you are working alone or insolation, be sure to follow the Working Alone Safety Plan as outlined by your supervisor.
  • Trust your feelings. If you don’t feel comfortable, leave and/ or seek assistance.
  • Use caution if you are approached by someone, especially at night. Keep distance between yourself and the others.
  • If at any time, you feel threatened, use assertive verbal and body language and get the attention of others – YELL!
  • Be alert. If you suspect you are being followed or someone is hanging around your vehicle, change directions, go to a busy well-lit area, and report the incident to the police immediately.
  • Should you witness a crime, call 911 and Campus Security at 822.2222 and do your best to get a good description: note suspect’s physical characteristics, clothing, direction and mode of travel (including make and colour of vehicle and license plate number) without placing yourself in danger by attempting to apprehend or interfere with a suspect.


Environmental Online Training Coming Soon

It is important that we provide a safe, healthy and secure environment for all Building Ops staff. One of the required training to achieve this is the Environmental Management Training (EMT). This is for all staff who are responsible for the environmental impact of Building Operations. In compliance to UBC Policy #6 – Environmental Protection Compliance and UBC Policy #9 – Hazardous Materials Management, training provides staff with regulatory and technical guidance through environmental audits, consultation, and the development of an Environmental Management System to:

  • minimize the environmental impact of their operations;
  • mitigate environmental risks; and
  • prevent and control spills and releases to the environment.

EMT, like other mandatory safety training, expires every 3 years. Those who received training in 2014 and all new employees are required to take the training sessions. The online module will be sent to all concerned workers through their UBC email account. Training is to be completed by July 31st 2018.


Check Out These Job Postings

Know anyone interested in working in Building Operations? Let them know about our current job postings.

  • #30209 Evening P/T Service Worker
  • #30247 Day – P/T Service Worker
  • #30248 Day – F/T Service Worker
  • #30249 Day – P/T Service Worker
  • #30171 Senior Manager, System Owner Mechanical
  • Temporary Operations Manager, Custodial Day Shift (Job Description)

For full listings, check out designated job postings boards or visit UBC Careers.


Quick Updates


NPS Score remained at 77% with 2 new promoters.


Sean McGregor is Blue Zone Temporary Facilities Manager for 1 year position Starting June 18 2018


Save the Date– Ice Cream Social is on June 26th


Reminder: Proactive Planning during Noise Window June 18 – 29