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$2000 Penalty for Distracted Driving Is Now in Effect in BC

These days your ability to focus on the road can face a lot of challenges. Recent research shows that when using electronic communication devices, drivers can fail to process about 50 per cent of the visual information in their driving environment.

While texting and use of cell phones are often recognized as the riskiest behavior, distractions such as looking for music or personal grooming can be a significant distraction, possibly leading to property damage, health expenses, serious injuries, or even a tragic loss of life.

UBC Policy I-C-O7, Vehicle Fleet Management & Operations, requires vehicle drivers to operate vehicles in a safe and courteous manner and in accordance with all UBC policies and procedure and all applicable federal, provincial, and municipal regulations and bylaws.

Specifically, I-C-07 requires vehicle operators to “refrain from using any hand held electronic devices while driving as per section 30.07 of the Motor Vehicle Act. This includes cellular phones, even in hands free mode, while in a vehicle unless the vehicle has been removed from the flow of traffic as is at a full stop.”

Make sure you’re making good choices when you’re driving, whether at home or at work. Read more about how to stay safe while operating electronic devices when you’re driving.

(Source: Distractions While Driving – Cell phones and other Devices;

Leadership Development Program–Working Through Change Session on May 8 and 9

Building Operations is going through a period of change, from seeking for a Managing Director to taking on new projects. In the March 28 2018 issue, we are reminded that with change comes the loss of what is being left behind. To learn more about changes, the Leadership Development Program is offering Working Through Change. Contact April Wong by May 4th to register or sign up by the Wellness Centre.

High Voltage Feeder Shutdown (12F11) Scheduled on Saturday, May 5, 8AM – 5PM

As part of the ongoing preventive maintenance program for high voltage feeders across campus, the next planned HV-electrical feeder maintenance shutdown (12F11) scheduled on Saturday, May 5th from 8am – 5pm.

The 12F11 feeder maintenance entails shutting down utility power to selected buildings in the hospital area, Biomed Research, Woodward IRC, Wesbrook, Cunningham and SPPH. Planned maintenance shutdowns can allow the UBC research community the opportunity to create “Power Outage Emergency Plans” for unplanned power failures; thus potentially mitigating impact to millions of dollars invested in research.

More Mechanical and Electrical Rooms Re-keyed as Part of the Campus Re-key Initiative

In the April 18 edition of the newsletter, we mentioned that Secure Access and the Locksmith Shop started a program to rekey all building on campus that were not on the NM-1, NE-1 keys. UBC Life was the first building to be rekeyed. These building have been added to the list:

  • Totem Field Studios
  • Jack Bell
  • First Nations Longhouse

Scheduled for rekeying within the next two weeks is Lasserre.

Heads Up–Removal of Redundant Steam Pipe and Equipment Coming Soon

We are in the early stages of identifying any steam equipment that is no longer required as a result of the DES hot water project. If these steam equipment are removed, it will free up some space and make it easier in which to work. In order to optimize the $250,000 of funding for this project, we have started marking pipes and equipment with orange spray paint. If you know of any areas that we should focus on first, send the building, room number and equipment details to Jason White, Mechanical Technical Specialist. Please do not spray on items on your own as we will need to ensure accurate record keeping on what will be removed.

Changes Are Coming to UBC’s Wifi Connection

On Wednesday May 9, changes are occurring to the UBC wireless network (Wi-Fi). Your action is required to ensure continued access on your devices (phones, tablets, laptops).

Manual configuration changes must be performed on your devices or else UBC wireless access will cease to connect, restricting its ability to access PeopleSoft and possibly the internet.

How do I update my device?

  1. Workshop sessions Drop-in workshop sessions will made available, with dates and locations to be communicated.
    • May 2, Wednesday – 10:30 – 11:30 am
    • May 9, Wednesday – 6:30 – 11:30 am
  2. Coaches Representatives from Building Operations and UBC IT are available to assist in updating devices.
    Evan Colville 604 822 9118
    Caroline Soriano 604 822 4178
    April Wong 604 822 0279
    Denise Tang 604 822 4165
    Sean Lynch 778 689 2531
    Facilities Managers:
      James Bellavance 604 822 9118
      Jeff Smith 604 822 3425
      Mark Donald-Jones 604 822 0077
      Rob MacDonald 604 822 8832
      Patrick Wong 604 822 1940
      Dave Garcia 604 822 6597
  3. Run the UBC IT Auto-Connect tool yourself to update configuration. For instructions on how to update configuration on your device yourself, please visit

Potential Maintenance Opportunities with the Learning Spaces Team

We are not the only UBC department to be experiencing changes. The former Classroom Services has now become The Learning Spaces Team. The team comprises Steven Lee, Jodi Scott, and Leanne Feichtinger. They work closely with UBC IT AV, Enrolment Services and Scheduling Services to offer the same services that the old Classroom Services did. Please check out their new website at .

We are looking to develop better synergies with Custodial and Trades to effectively maintain our classrooms on campus by fostering our relationship with the Learning Spaces Team. The demand for classroom spaces has increased significantly over the last few years. This cuts down on the available opportunities for us to perform our maintenance work.

With this in mind, please look ahead to plan any maintenance work by looking at the Classroom schedules on the Scientia website:

Classroom Bookings

It is best to contact Steven Lee at 822-7862  or Jodi Scott at 822-4175 but self-service is possible through Enrolment Services website:

The reasons to involve Steven or Jodi are to come at this more strategically, find more synergies during the room bookings, and to avoid overbooking classrooms as demand for them, even in the summer, is much higher than before.

Please stay tuned for more information on these and other changes. If you have any questions on this process, please contact Deb Capps or Kevin Morris.

Building Operations Offers Support for Sea Lion Research

Beaty Biodiversity Museum Curatorial Assistant sought access to Stair Head 4 behind the Museum of Anthropology to salvage washed up sea lion on beach. Building Operations connected Beaty Curator with MoA Facility Manager Brannen Bell to arrange access. Salvage involved cutting the carcass into manageable pieces and hauling them up 400+ steps. Operation took approximately 6 hours and collaboration between two museums brokered by Building Operations. Sea lion is currently in Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s freezer for further processing. Benefits of this prime specimen include research, educational outreach, and future exhibits.

Town Hall Recap Available Online

Did you miss the town halls held in April? You can review the presentation here Follow up with your manager or superintendent for a little more info on anything that isn’t clear.

We will be setting up drop boxes for feedback at USB Reception and the Custodial offices, for 2 weeks. Feel free to tell us what you think. We’d like to hear from you.

We’re Hiring! Check Out These Postings

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