Frank Crudo returns to Building Operations as Senior Manager, Architectural

We are excited to welcome back Frank, joining Building Operations’ Trades division and leading the architectural trades. As the Senior Manager, Frank will be responsible for the short and long-range planning of building architectural systems and the supervision of staff and consultants.

Frank will also be responsible for the planning of major capital, the creation of cyclical and preventative maintenance programs, and overseeing the transition of new buildings and major architectural assets on campus. This includes making sure there is a proper handover of new architectural assets, the development of business models, and leading and directing the development of operating procedures. Frank will also be organizing, coordinating and allocating personnel, equipment and funds, and developing and monitoring costs, methods and procedures to comply with developed budgets, and establishing standards and policies.

Frank began his career at UBC in 2015 as Superintendent with Municipal Services where he devoted his efforts to making UBC a better place for our students, faculty, and staff.