Preparing for extreme weather at UBC

As we approach winter, please find enclosed information to help you prepare for extreme weather at UBC.

As per Policy 68 (, if UBC is subject to extreme winter weather conditions, the administration may decide to cancel classes or exams and curtail non-essential services.

The following web pages are the official source for information in the event of winter weather disruption:

We recommend that you bookmark the relevant page and visit it in the event of extreme weather to learn if classes or exams are cancelled or non-essential services are curtailed on your campus.

Preparing faculty and staff in your department/unit for extreme weather:

  • We recommend you determine if you have “essential” positions within your department/unit that would be required to attend at the campus during extreme weather, and ensure that the staff in those roles are aware of their responsibilities. For questions, or help in determining essential service levels, contact your HR Advisor.
  • You are requested to review your department/unit’s snow procedures, make any necessary updates, and share it with all faculty and staff in your department/unit.
  • Please ensure that those in your department/unit know what to do if extreme weather prevents them from getting to campus, and campus remains fully operational. For questions regarding policy in this scenario, contact your HR Advisor.
  • To find your HR Advisor, visit

Campus safety during extreme weather:

Find out how campus will be kept safe during extreme weather, and how to report slippery conditions:

Supporting students impacted by extreme weather:

  • Faculty are encouraged to consider alternative arrangements to accommodate the needs of students who may be unable to travel safely to campus to attend class or turn in assignments, due to extreme weather conditions.
  • In the event that final exams are cancelled, Enrolment Services will notify affected students and instructors (and exam representatives [EReps] in Vancouver) by email. The exam(s) will be rescheduled for the following Sunday, provided that this day falls within the examination period. More information about exam scheduling is available at:

Additional resources:

For more information regarding winter weather safety and protocol, visit:

Thank you for your diligence in helping us prepare for extreme weather at UBC. With your support, we hope to keep disruptions for our campus community to a minimum.

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