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Asset Stewardship

Training for Updated e-Procurement On November 20, 22 and 27

As part of the transition of Purchase Order processing from Finance to the Procurement team, we are back to using electronic requisitions in PeopleSoft as the method for requesting supplies and/or services.

The heads/subheads will no longer need to send emails requesting products, but can simply enter requisitions in PeopleSoft. The streamlined procurement function within Building Operations will reduce the number of people involved and free up time while making it easier for our suppliers to manage expectations.

To demonstration the improved functionality in Peoplesoft training sessions are scheduled on November 20, 22 and 27.  You’re efforts to understand and help with the new process will show you immediate benefits. We expect you will see measurable improvements in how we address stocking concerns, update our inventory items and quantities, and your visibility to your orders.


Customer Experience

Reminder–Close Out Completed/Outstanding Service Requests

Have you completed a job but have not closed the service request? This is a reminder to close out outstanding/completed SRs. Keeping the SR in the “Open/In-Progress” status tells our customers the work isn’t done, when in actual fact it may have been completed.

Start by reviewing the oldest SRs. If the job is waiting on another trade to complete, reassign it to keep the work flowing. If the customer has had an estimate over 30 days, call them to see if you are to proceed or cancel the SR. This will help measure our response time and improve our customer experience.


Thank You Municipal Team for Keeping the Public Realm Clean and Safe

Did you know that we are responsible for collecting leaves that fall from over 11,000 inventories trees spanning across 200 hectares of the Vancouver campus? As the season changes, we see the last leaves falling and the first frost hitting. It is our Municipal Team who is responsible for keeping the public realm clean, safe and enjoyable for everyone! During this peak period, Municipal crews work long hours planning, preparing and maintaining our campus. Again this year, it is close to 800 cubic meters of leaves that were collected on campus by our dedicated crews. Once collected, the leaves are stocked in our composting site were our crews take all the required steps to make high quality compost that will be used to maintain the grounds on campus.

Thank you to Municipal Services for your efforts in keeping our campus grounds clean and safe in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Winter Is Coming…Extreme Weather Planning Phase Underway

The Municipal team is in the planning phase of having resources identified for the event of a heavy snowfall this winter, where additional support is needed during regular work hours (Mon – Fri  7:30 – 3:30),after hours and during the holidays period.

We are asking for support from our Custodial and Trades teams in the event of a large snowfall where Municipal resources have all been dispatched and additional resources are needed. The call process would first branch out to the Custodial and the Utility Workers. When those groups have been exhausted we would then call for Stores and Trades support. Once called upon staff will be asked to check-in with the laborer head who will dispatch work accordingly and provide shovels or other relevant equipment required for clearing snow.

Please support the campus and our Municipal team by signing up for snow removal! Sign-up sheets will posted at each shop. Those who qualify for a pay-grade increase will be compensated appropriately and overtime hours may apply.


‘Tis the Season To Be Jolly–Building Ops Labour Division Helps Animate Campus Grounds

In support of cultivating vibrancy and animation on campus, the Building Ops Labour Division has taken the lead on installing the seasonal/festive lights on University Boulevard and Main Mail.  Collectively, the BOLD crew has globe wrapped 64 trees on University Boulevard, and installed 18 pairs of string lights across the Main Mall light poles between Agronomy Way and Agricultural Road.  Thanks to the BOLD crew for all their efforts in creating an enhanced public realm during the winter months and making this a priority.


Employee Engagement

RMS Launches Fit to Work Pilot Program

The Centre for Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing and the Allan McGavin Sport Medicine Physiotherapy Clinic are launching a new collaborative initiative called Fit to Work. The goal of this program is to assist employees post-injury/illness rehabilitation with attaining a level of physical conditioning that will reduce their risk of injury/illness and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Participants will receive an intake & exit assessment with a physiotherapist; six 30-minute guided physical conditioning sessions with a kinesiologist over six weeks. Potential participants must be referred by their Manager or Superintendent and meet program eligibility requirements. For more information on the Fit to Work Pilot program, speak with your Superintendent or Manager or contact Linda Roseborough in Risk Management Services.


Kids to Work Day 2018 A Success

The Kids to Work program is a great way to show our Grade 9 students what we do at work and what it means to be a part of the UBC community. Last week, we welcomed 14 students whose parents work in Building Ops, SHHS, Energy & Water Services and Campus Planning.

The kids visited the Omniglobe in EOS, the Whale Exhibit at Beaty, and UBC Studios (to test some virtual reality equipment). A tour of the Feast Kitchen, the BRDF and USB shops gave them a glimpse of their parents’ workplace. Though there was showers in the morning, they enjoyed a trip to the forest for the UBC Ropes Course. Their day ended with a tree walk tour at the Botanical Gardens.

Every year, we enjoy the comments from the Grade 9 kids. My favorite this year when asked what was the best part of the day, they responded “the food!”

Many, many thanks to:

  • the Parents for bringing in their kids
  • the Carpenter Shop, Paint Shop and Sign Shop for the handcrafted personalized pencil holders
  • Martin Varma, Dillon Duckworth, Andy Carr and Jason Rako for taking the time to show the kids around the shops.
  • James Bellavance, Gord Dobie, Patrick Wong, Tariq Din, Michael Lawlor and Tamas Weidner for leading the kids around campus
  • Caroline for all the preparation and organization to ensure this was a success.


United Way Bake Sale Raised $1,17.25

Thank you so much for your contributions to make the joint United Way Bake Sale such a huge success! Many people had trouble deciding what they wanted because there was SUCH a huge variety of yummy treats. The three tables full of baked goods were quite impressive, and there was a great turnout of volunteers and bakers for the first year collaborating with External Relations.

Thanks to your help, an amazing $1,177.25 was raised! All the money will be donated to our United Way campaign to support after school programs for youth and seniors social programs in the Lower Mainland. The goal this year is to engage 1000 donors in the United Way campaign and we’re halfway there! If you haven’t donated yet, please consider making a payroll pledge or a one-time gift from the Management Service Portal (MSP) (on the home page when you log in).

Thank you again for your support.

Share Your Thoughts on Shaping UBC’s Future Workplace

UBC is developing a Focus on People framework, which will align with other strategies at the university, including the recently launched strategic plan Shaping UBC’s Next Century. Whether you are a faculty member, staff or student, we want to know what will inspire you to work at UBC in 2025.

Over the last 100 years, UBC has grown to become a leading public university recognized for excellence in research, teaching, and innovation. Our new strategic plan is guiding our ambitions to become one of the world’s best universities and places to work. This Focus on People framework will outline how the university intends to lead as a first-choice place for faculty, staff and students to realize their full potential.

You are invited to share your thoughts in a short online survey at The survey takes approx. 10-15 minutes to complete and closes December 9, 2018.

Quick Updates


Convocation Ceremonies at the Chan Centre November 28 – 30