Building Operations Opens New Custodial Centre in UBC Life Building

On November 13, UBC Facilities hosted  the official opening of their third Deployment Centre on the Vancouver Campus in room 0072 in the UBC Life building. Convenient to East Campus and new new bus loop, many custodial staff have a shorter walk to pick up their assignments and keys (we currently unlock and lock many buildings on campus) and head out to their work sites. Custodial also opened a third laundry room area, to operate the sustainable mop system, as well as a new storage space for supplies.

In 2016, the Sauder School of Business analyzed UBC’s custodial operations and recommended UBC consider establishing a third Custodial Deployment Centre to minimize staff travel time to buildings. After 25+ years of being deployed from C&CP2, the day shift, night shift, and weekend custodial staff are adapting to the move to the new deployment centre. The evening custodial shift will continue to be deployed out of the other deployment Centres in C&CP2 and Life Sciences buildings.

These changes will help custodial to keep up with the increase in traffic in surrounding buildings like the Nest and Alumni Centre and the coming buildings resulting from the Bosque design consultation.