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Be Aware that the Intoxication Effects of Cannabis Are Not Compatible with the Performance of Work

With the passing of new federal laws, Canadians will soon be able to consume cannabis legally. As these new laws come into effect, UBC remains committed to fostering a healthy, safe, inclusive and professional work environment.

UBC employees should be aware that as with alcohol, the intoxicating effect of cannabis are not compatible with the performance of work. Visit to learn more.


Get Ready to ShakeOut on October 18 at 10:18 am

This October, practice the Great BC ShakeOut, an annual province-wide earthquake drill at the specified time, which is October 18 at 10:18 a.m. Emergency management experts and other official preparedness organizations agree that “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” is the appropriate action to reduce injury and death during earthquakes.  It is only a one-minute commitment for something that can save your life.

  • DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!),
  • Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and
  • HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops.

Click here to learn more about Drop, Cover, and Hold On


Asset Stewardship

Changes to Procurement Effective October 15th

Building Operations’ purchasing professionals are working with our colleagues across UBC to improve purchasing before the Integrated Renewal Project (IRP) and the Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS) implementation. Over the past few months we have consulted with people within the Facilities Portfolio. Your input has helped us identify opportunities to restructure the team inside the Stores, Fleet, and Procurement Services department and identify ways we can improve our service and connection to our clients.

Effective October 15th all e-Procurement requisitions will now be routed to Olga Arlitt. The heads/subheads will no longer need to send emails requesting products, but can return to simply entering requisitions. The streamlined procurement function within Facilities will reduce the number of people involved and free up time while making it easier for our suppliers to manage expectations.


For the Continued Success of Our Fleet Program, Keep Vehicles Clean and Tidy

Vehicle users are responsible for the basic housekeeping duties involved with vehicle operation.  This includes:

  • ensuring that the vehicle is kept free of debris/waste
  • ensuring that materials/tools are stored neatly in the vehicle
  • ensuring that the vehicle exterior is kept clean (washing station is located at the South Campus MRF site)“ as stated in Policy I-C-07.

Now that our vehicles have been cleaned, we would like to keep them as tidy as possible. Drivers, please ensure garbage, food waste, etc., is removed from the vehicle and disposed of daily. We expect interiors to be kept clean at all times. Leaving food attracts rodents that cause damage to other areas of the vehicles. Ensuring materials and tools are stored appropriately is also the crews responsibility. These items can become dangerous hazards to you,  your colleagues, and potentially passersby. Be safe.

We have a pressure washer, shop vacuum, and cleaning supplies located at both South campus and Stores to help you maintain the vehicles.

This is your workspace. Keep it clean.


Customer Experience

Hospital Lane is for Loading and Unloading Only During Construction at IRC and BRC

Just a reminder that Hospital Lane continues to be highly congested during the construction work at IRC and BRC. Please ensure to park vehicles along the designated Building Operations parking area on Health Sciences Mall (Next to SPPH).

Both projects are currently underway by Project Services –  Roof system renewal at IRC and the Atrium skylight replacement at BRC. The projects are anticipated to be completed in early November 2018. For questions or concerns, please contact Project Manager, James Cornelia (604-822-8248), or Facilities Manager Rob MacDonald (604-822-8832).


Carpentry Shop Assists Risk Management Services in Mock Accident

The carpentry shop was the setting for a mock incident and “what not to do” scenario staged by Risk Management Services. They will be using the photos generated from this event as materials for training purposes as well as the Local Safety Teams on campus. Special thanks to those involved for their assistance. They will be credited in the training materials.


Thank You Sign Shop for Getting the Auto-Scrubber Ready

Building Ops Custodial Services was rushing to get ready for the very exciting October 26 unveiling of the first two robot auto scrubbers on campus and needed to make magic happen before the robots had their picture taken. Bruce Dery to the rescue! Bruce and painter Matt Rogan worked tirelessly with a very tight timeline to ensure the robots had the design in place before the robots’ close-ups.

We cannot thank you enough for pulling this together so quickly!


Flu Immunization Clinic on October 23 and 24

Even healthy people can get very sick from the flu and spread it to others. Getting the flu shot is your best protection against the flu bug.


Sign Up Your Team and Display Your Pumpkin Carving Talent at the 2018 Pumpkin Carving for the Kids

Do you have what it takes to be the favorite carved pumpkin this year? Display your scariest or funniest work of art. The kids from Cariboo Daycare will be dressed in their best Halloween costumes, go Trick or Treating down the USB hallway and pick their favourite carved pumpkins.

Come join the fun and enjoy pumpkin pie and coffee. Contact Caroline Soriano to register your team. Boo!


Check Out for Current Building Ops Job Postings

Know anyone interested in working in Building Operations? Let them know about our current job postings

  • 31505 Weekends – Evening Service Worker
  • 31567 Trades 3 – Electrician
  • 31560 Coordinator, Maintenance & Operations
  • 31559 Coordinator, Maintenance & Operations
  • 31509 Trades 2 – Carpenter
  • 31510 Trades 2 – Carpenter

For full listings, check out designated job postings boards or visit UBC Careers.


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