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Asset Stewardship

The Focus for the Next Few Month from the Managing Director’s Perspective

While we develop our strategic plan and the roadmap to help us set our collective vision, purpose, goals and strategies for the years ahead, we will continue to perform the following tasks:

  • Improve Customer Service (client service requests)
  • Support operational needs (labour/tools/workflow)
  • Asset Stewardship
    • Naming convention/standards
    • Granularity of asset management
    • Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS)
      • Vendor selection
      • Hiring of Project Manager
      • Team identification
    • Clean PeopleSoft data
    • Forward sample asset data to vendor
    • Focus on closing out our customer service requests
  • Employee Development
    • Managers to attend Insights on September 5
  • Continue employee engagement

Once we have completed the strategic roadmap we will develop action plans that identify what we need to accomplish to support our goals and values. We will identify the resources we need to be successful and reorganize where necessary. Thank you for your support.

Greg Scott


UniForum@UBC Gives Early Insights into the Structure of Service Delivery Across UBC

Gaining insights about the ways we work and deliver services at UBC is one of the primary goals of the UniForum@UBC study. The UniForum program provides university management with the means to manage strategically administration and support services, using the power of sharing information, learning from one another and collaboration for improving efficiency and effectiveness. Being of one the 44 post-secondary institutions participating in the UniForum study around the world, it enables us to benchmark against other similar universities and to develop best practices from experiences. This will also help support UBC’s new strategic plan and improve implementation of projects such as the Integrated Renewal Program, like our EMMS.

As we are prepare for Year 2 in this five-year study, the next step will be to examine the trend lines and analyze the data. Read more about what we learned from Year 1 or visit to learn more.


If You See “Hot Water Stickers”, Please Remove Them

In March 2017 we announced that UBC’s hot water quality was compromised due to unexpected equipment (i.e. heat exchangers) failures. To advise all users, we placed “Hot Water Stickers” strategically throughout campus facilities. We have replaced all of the equipment that could possibly fail and our hot water quality has improved since. It is time to remove these stickers. If you see these hot water stickers, please remove them.

If you want to know more about our water quality, please visit


USB North Yard Clean Up Almost Done

Coordination between 4 departments, which are steamfitters, plumbers, millwrights, and sheet metal resulted in the major clean-up and improvement of the laydown area by the north entrance of the USB yard. Previously used scaffolding as pipe storage have been removed and replaced with proper industrial pipe rack. Chemical storage cabinets that were previously used are replaced with updated cabinets and are properly secured. The painters will apply the finishing touches to the bollards next week.

Coming next are the storage shelving to be installed in the new tool and equipment cage. Many thanks to all who took the time and effort to complete this monumental task resulting in a clean and organized area.


Customer Service

ICICS Atrium Converted to Create an Open Learning Space for our Students

The construction office recently undertook a project to open up the cubicle style atrium, manufacture seven wooden tables of which one measured 14 feet and supply power and receptacles to the tables. Thanks go out to Tony Fabiano, temporary site supervisor, the electrical projects team, the paint shop and the carpenter shop.

A special shout out to Arnold Magahis and Erwin Santos who enhanced this space by crafting these beautiful tables.


Faculty of Forestry Thankful for Addressing Heat Issues

Here’s an email we received from Joanne Dean, Administrative Manager, Faculty of Forestry:

“I wanted to thank you for all of the work and help you have provided to me and  the Forestry Faculty re: our heat issues. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from many members of the department who are happy that we are looking at the situation. I even got a thank you email from the Dean. I made sure to let him know how much you are doing about this. We know it is not going to be perfect (a/c!) but are appreciative to you and your staff who are working to help figure this out and make us a little more comfortable.”

Thank Facilities Manager David Garcia for sharing.


Employee Engagement

UBC Pride Kicks Off August 1

On August 1, UBC Pride is kicking off in style. Come to the University Commons area outside the Nest to celebrate diversity, inclusion and positive space at UBC! Enjoy an evening of live music, food trucks, games and live art and mural painting. Visit to learn more.


Have You Signed Up for the 16th Annual Welcome Back Staff BBQ?

Hosted by the Office of the President and Human Resources, UBC staff are welcomed to the new academic year through the Welcome Back Staff BBQ. Organizers need to know how many burgers to prepare so sign up if you haven’t already. Please indicate your choice of beef or vegan. Submit the sign-up sheet to USB Reception by Friday, August 3rd.


Leadership Development

Peter Mcloughlin Is the Senior Manager, System Owner Mechanical

As many of you may already be aware, Marian Lis our current Senior Manager, System Owner Mechanical is retiring later this year. To allow a smooth transition we had posted and have now selected our new Senior Manager, System Owner Mechanical and are pleased to announce that Peter McLoughlin is the successful candidate.

In line with Building Operations Leadership Development pillar – specifically in career development, Peter has progressively grown and excelled in many positions throughout our department. He first started at UBC in 2009 as a Mechanical Maintenance Assistant then progressed through positions in Operating Engineer, BMS Engineer, BMS Specialist and most recently People & Process Manager, Mechanical Maintenance. During his time, Peter has developed a culture of trust and transparency within his team. In his most recent role, he has led many positive initiatives within the mechanical team such as improved the opportunities of greater career development of our staff, gained confidence with our regulating bodies and improved the maintenance and operation of our mechanical systems.

The role of Senior Manager, System Owner, Mechanical aligns very closely with both our Customer Service and Asset Stewardship pillars and Peter has a keen interest in ensuring the mechanical systems within our buildings are operating optimally to support the teaching and research that takes place each day at UBC.

As Senior Manager of the mechanical team, the mechanical People & Process Managers Lee McCormick, Matthew Harraway and Technical Specialist Jason White will report into Pete. One of Pete’s many tasks will be to hire the replacement of his vacated role of People & Process Manager, Mechanical Maintenance.

Congratulations Peter!


Quick Updates


Do Not Park on Hospital Lane While Roof Renewal Project Is In-Progress


Reminder…When the Heat Is On Be Alert of Signs of Heat Exhaustion

Summer is undeniably here. Temperatures have been on the rise this past weeks. Heat-related illnesses are a serious hazard on work sites especially those working outdoors. Here are some simple measures that can prevent heat stress:

  • Wear light colored, loose, breathable clothing
  • Drink plenty of cold water to stay hydrated
  • Be alert for signs and symptoms of heat stress
  • Take appropriate rest breaks to cool down

Let’s look out for one another so that we can make sure nobody is adversely effected by the high temperatures.