Strategic fleet partner services

Strategic fleet partner

Automotive Resources International (ARI) was selected to be our strategic fleet partner in 2013. With a dedicated lender we can offer a wide range of vehicle options and have access to industry specialists.

One of the critical objectives of our strategic partnership is to consolidate fleet data collection, fuel maintenance, vehicle utilization and GFG emission. Being able to collect fuel and maintenance data using technology specifically tailored to UBC’s needs, we can gain a clear picture of the fleet’s current state that we can use to make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs, and ultimately save money in the long-term.

The UBC Total Management System (TMS) through ARI enhances fleet data and will help you maximize your fleet’s efficiency.

Garage management system

One component of the TMS is the Garage Management System (GMS) that all Building Operation’s garages will implement summer 2015. This system allows a fully automated data collection of all repairs completed on each vehicle in your fleet. This accurate reporting and analysis will allow fleet managers to plan vehicle replacements as well as parts ordering with suppliers. Key features of GMS that can optimize your mechanics’ time include:

  • Tracking vehicle inventory

  • Viewing vehicle maintenance histories

  • Managing mechanic and shop time

  • Managing parts inventories

  • Effectively scheduling bay time for preventive maintenance

  • Logging equipment hours and chassis odometer readings

  • Tracking adherence to regulatory schedules

  • Measuring mechanic productivity

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Like TMS, Telematics is a critical component in maximizing your fleet’s efficiency. Using Telematics your fleet manager will gain a clear understanding when the vehicles are being used, how often and where. This means you will know what size your fleet should be and eliminate or reallocate vehicles that are not utilized enough.

Telematics will also indicate abnormal fuel consumption and driving behaviour. Having visibility of such behaviours can result in expensive repairs being avoided.

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