E3 platinum fleet

The Building Operations department at the University of British Columbia (UBC) has been awarded its third consecutive Platinum rating from E3 Fleet in 2020. UBC Building Operations operates over 240 vehicles and specialty motorized equipment in carrying out facilities maintenance, operations, and renovation services for the lands and buildings owned by the University of British Columbia. Since being awarded its first Platinum rating in 2014, UBC Building Operations cut greenhouse gas emissions in the fleet by 110 tonnes, representing a 47% reduction from 2007 levels.

To better the performance of its fleet, the UBC Building Operations department took several key steps:

  • Adopted a green fleet plan;
  • Implemented better tracking and analysis of fleet data, including data on fuel use;
  • Increased engagement among fleet drivers through the sharing of customized reports;
  • Improved upon its systematic and deliberate vehicle replacement strategy, to minimize repair costs and fuel use;
  • Incorporating alternative fuel technology in vehicles, and;
  • Trained staff on fuel management and fuel-efficient driving practices.

The Department also embraced innovations, including:

  • A car-share system for its fleet drivers, comprised of all-electric vehicles;
  • Electric bikes with detachable trailers as part of its fleet of vehicles, to be used by trades staff on campus;
  • Carbon offsetting for remaining fleet emissions as part of UBC’s central offsets program.

You can read more about fleet management services offered across UBC.