Too hot? Too cold?

Tell us if something doesn’t seem right for your building

Through the District Energy System steam to hot water conversion (often called DES or ADES), UBC has made significant changes to how we deliver heat to almost every building on campus.

We need your help

If you’re too hot or too cold—before you plug in a heater or a fan—we need you to tell us if something doesn’t seem typical for your building.

Give us a call at 604.822.2173 and let us know how you’re feeling. Be prepared to answer these short questions:

  • What is your exact location (building and room number)
  • Are you feeling too hot or too cold?
  • What is the temperature at the nearest thermostat?
  • How large is the affected area?
  • What type of space is affected?
  • Are there any temperature sensitive research, equipment or specimens in this area?
  • How long has this been going on?

Questions about our campus’ heat distribution system changes?

Want to know more about changes to our campus district energy system? Here are some quick resources for you: