Philip Beck promoted as new Head in Soft Landscape, Municipal Services with Building Operations

Philip Beck is the successful candidate for the new Soft Landscape head position that was introduced to support Chris Longford, head of the Soft Landscape team. Chris and Phil will work closely together to manage a growing team of over 35 people on the Soft Landscape team. Together, they will support the overall operations including arboriculture, horticulture, invasive species management, leaf management, irrigation, client relations, and the implementation and ongoing use of Planon and WorkDay.

Phil joined the Soft Landscape team 19 years ago, and was a sub-head for the last 14 years. As a sub-head, Phil developed strong relationships and provided leadership and technical oversight to his team. On many occasions, Phil has been an acting head for the Soft Landscape team and has demonstrated qualities that required him to be successful in this new role.