Policies, work procedures & forms



  • Asbestos Safety Policy [PDF]
  • Confined Space [PDF]
  • Emergency Generators [PDF]
  • Energy Policy for Classrooms and Offices [PDF]
  • Fall Protection [PDF]
  • Hazardous Materials Spill [PDF]
  • Isolation and Lockout [PDF]
  • Mechanical and Electrical Service Areas Access [PDF]


  • Records and Information Management [PDF]
  • Service Shutdowns [PDF]

Work Procedures


  • Change Orders and Amendments [PDF]
  • Construction Notification and Start-Up [PDF]
  • Departmental Funded Projects [PDF]
  • External Consultants and General Contractors Contracts [PDF]
  • Green Cleaning Program [PDF]
  • Projects – Definitions [PDF]
  • Snow Plan [PDF]
  • Utility Billing [PDF]
  • Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) [PDF]


  • Employee Identification [PDF]


  • Asbestos Work Procedures [PDF]
  • Confined Spaces Entry Permit [PDF]
  • Disposal of Ballasts (PCB and Non-PCB) [PDF]
  • Fall Protection [PDF]
  • Fire Watch [PDF]
  • Fume Hood Mechanical Room and Rooftop Access [PDF]
  • Fume Hood System Maintenance and Repairs [PDF]
  • Isolation and Lockout [PDF]
  • Mould Procedure [PDF]
  • Shop Waste Disposal Procedures [PDF]
  • Use of Ozone Depleting Substances [PDF]
  • Working on Low Voltage Electrical Equipment [PDF]
  • Pre-Job Safety Checklist [PDF]


  • Disinfection Methods for Watermain Breaks [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Natural Gas Service Installation [PDF]
  • CCTV Pipeline Inspection – Spec 02735s [PDF]
  • Cleaning of Sewers – 02736s [PDF]



  • Rooftop Access Application [PDF]

Utilities – Energy and Water Services

For the forms listed below visit Energy & Water Services.

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report
  • Building Turnover Information For Utilities
  • Energization Requirements
  • Energization Requirements – Low Voltage
  • Manhole Entry Permit
  • Temporary Water Connection Permit
  • Utility Service Agreement
  • Utility Service Activation Request
  • Utility Preliminary Service Connection Application
  • Utility Service Connection Application
  • Water Quality Complaint Form

For Fire Hydrant Connection Permit visit Campus & Community Planning.

Waste Management

  • Event Waste Management (Recycling / Compost) [PDF]
  • Organics Collection Service Request [PDF]

Other Documents

Stores and Tool Crib Forms

  • Stores Order Request Form [PDF]
  • Tool Crib Rental Requisition Form [PDF]


  • Cross Connection Control (Backflow Prevention) Program Brochure [PDF]
  • UBC 2013 Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Report [PDF]
  • Utilities Services Standards for Campus Development [PDF] | [DOC]