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Banked OT Payouts–Submit to Building Ops Payroll ASAP!

Banked time payouts – please submit ASAP

Payouts of banked overtime (“1P” on your timecards) have to be processed by UBC Financial Operations before they go on employees’ paycheques.

Financial Operations have advised that they are extremely busy in the runup to the end of 2017. They will do their best to process banked time payouts as quickly as possible, but they cannot guarantee payouts will appear on the employee’s next paycheque, even if they are submitted before the usual cutoff date.

The cutoff for the November 15 paycheque has passed, meaning there are only 2 more paycheques left until Christmas. If you would like a payout of your banked overtime, please submit your 1P timecard as soon as possible. We would hate to see anyone miss out. Thanks all!


Do Not Park in Electric Vehicle Stalls or Handicap Parking Stalls at the Nest, Alumni Centre and the Old Student Union Building

Do not park Building Operations service vehicles in electric vehicle spots or you will be ticketed, OR handicap  parking stalls or you will be towed immediately. If the service vehicle is an overheight vehicle it will towed to an impound lot downtown and it will be your responsibility as the driver to go retrieve the vehicle. Disabled parking stalls are reserved for those with an appropriate decal only.


Chan Gun on Provisional Occupancy

All minimal requirements requested from the System Owners to begin operation and maintenance have been delivered. UBC Properties Trust have transferred the responsibilities to being O & M to Building Operations and System Owners for the following systems:

  • Fire Alarm
  • Elevator
  • Electrical
  • Custodial
  • Architectural

Systems outstanding are:

  • HVAC (including boiler and chiller equipment)
  • Plumbing
  • BMS/Controls
  • Landscape

Demonstrations for the outstanding systems are yet to be scheduled. However, Building Operations is responding to elevator entrapments, fire alarms and electrical calls.

Report any deficiencies after handover to Deb Capps, Facilities Manager.


Smart Car Sharing Program–Remember to Return Keys to the Cabinet and Cars to the Designated Parking Stalls

Do you ever want to borrow a smart car but can’t find a key? Do you sometimes find the key but can’t find the car? Recently there have been many examples where there are 4 or 5 cars in the lot but no keys in the system for an extended period of time.

The intent shared vehicles is to allow for short-term use; they were never intended to be parked for a lengthy meeting or task. The vehicles are intended to keep moving on a regular basis to assist as many users with their daily trips around campus as we can. To make this work, we must remember to do the following:

  • Pick up your key no more than an hour before your trip, and promptly return the key to the cabinet when you return.
  • Inspections need to be performed and submitted each time you sign out a vehicle (to box below keys or the garage).
  • When returning a vehicle, make sure to park in its designated parking stall.
  • Plug in the charging nozzle when you return the vehicle with less than a 50% charge.
  • Don’t leave behind any personal items, garbage, tools, etc.
  • Ensure unit 384 and 388 are not blocked in. These two vehicles support the AMS Safewalk program during evenings and weekends.

To make the cars most useful for everyone, we will begin to regularly audit their use and approach those who are not following the rules.


Refrigeration Crew Wins Battle over Chiller

Thank you to the refrigeration crew for their effort in battling the chiller that didn’t meet the space and maintenance needs. Thank you also to the mechanical technical specialist group for working with the project team to select a new chiller that will be more reliable and easier to maintain. These are the type of items that were working hard with the project delivery and transition team members to prevent a decision whereby new equipment selection is considered carefully from a maintainability perspective.


Dean of Dentistry Treats Night Shift Custodial Staff to a Breakfast

Every year, the Department of Dentistry invites the Custodial Night Shift staff to enjoy a breakfast celebrating the amazing job they do in maintaining the David Strangway Building. Last Friday, the staff and the new Dean of Dentistry, Dr. Mary MacDougall, enjoyed a wonderful breakfast together and the custodial staff were shown appreciation for the hard work they do all through the night. The building may be 12 years old but you would think it’s only 2! Again, thank you to Ben Chand and Dr. Mary MacDougall for their generosity, and thank you to the Night Shift staff that ensure the dentistry clinic is pristine!


Thank You Parents for Participating in the 2017 Kids to Work Day

Kids to Work Day is an annual program in which Grade 9 students spend the day in the workplace of a parent, relative or friend. There were 20 parents who participated in our program and it was with great pleasure that we welcomed their kids to UBC. The students had a blast and have sent their thanks to us for hosting them. In particular, we received a letter from one of students whose father, Naval Aery, works at the FLS shop. Here’s what his son had to say:

“Thank you for organizing such a fun day. I really enjoyed it and had a blast exploring all the cool features that UBC has to offer. My favourite part of the day was definitely trying out the virtual reality game. It’s amazing to see that my dad comes to such a great, friendly place to work every day. I loved seeing all the trades, as I would like to have a future career in the trades industry. Hopefully, I’ll get to study here one day!

Thank you for having me,

Vinay Aery”

Thank you to all the volunteers particularly the team leaders James Bellavance, Gord Dobie, Paul Hays, Mike Robson, Tamas Weidner, Patrick Wong; Robert Stone, Neil Malmquist, Bruce Dery, Lisa Mead and Geoff Woodburne. We would like to thank our partners and contributors for their continued support: Andrew Parr, Rene Atkinson, Debbie Harvie, UBC Emerging Media Lab, and UBC Botanical Garden.


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