Mission, vision & values statements

A mission statement explains why we exists and what we do.

A vision statements defines where we’re headed.

Values statements define how we will achieve our mission and vision.

Good for

Any organization


  • Builds clear direction.
  • Crystallizes our purpose, direction, and values so anyone can refer to them and hold their peers or leadership accountable.


  • They can be meaningless if not reflected in actions of the leaders of the organization.
  • Developing a vision, a values statement, and a mission statement can become a complicated process with mangled or incomprehensible results.


By communicating our mission, vision, & values we help all employees help to create cultural and organizational alignment.

While the most important part of having mission, vision, and values is the leaderships demonstration of these in every action they take, professionally printed and framed copies can be displayed, so staff and management are constantly reminded of our aspirations in staff rooms, boardrooms, main entrances, etc.