Building Administrator FAQs

Why do I need to get Infrastructure Development (Facilities Planning) approval on a space change in my building?

Every faculty is allotted a certain amount of space based on their academic requirements. When a space change is made within a building, Facilities Planning within Infrastructure Development must approve the project to ensure that accurate records are kept and that each faculty has the correct amount of space assigned to them.

How do I find out the status of my request?

The service person responding to your call will attempt to contact you to advise on the status of the work (i.e. complete, in progress, or awaiting parts). If you submitted your request through the online service request form you will receive email notifications of status updates. If you are dissatisfied with the progress or quality of the work, please contact your Facilities Manager.

I am planning a move, special cleaning job or a renovation project. What should I do?

Please submit an online customer-funded service request to initiate this. If you are not registered in our system, see here for instructions to get access.. While you are waiting for access you can contact your Facilities Manager for help with your customer-funded request.

What cleaning can I expect custodians in my building to do?

The custodial division is financed to clean buildings to a certain standard. The tasks and schedules are based on standards set by The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA). In most buildings this minimum standard does not include windows, carpets, blinds and upholstery cleaning. These services are offered on a customer-funded basis.

We have a problem in our building with pests. Who do I contact?

Please submit an online service request. If you are not registered in our system, see here for instructions to get access.. While you wait for access please contact the Service Centre at 604.822.2173. We will contact our pest control specialists to deal with the problem.

What should I do if no one attends my maintenance call?

If you place a maintenance call and no one attends within 2-5 days or you are dissatisfied with the work, then please contact your Facilities Manager.

If your call is a safety or security concern and it is not attended to within the same day, please contact your Facilities Manager for follow-up.

Who do I contact for information on a proposed renovation, for technical assistance, or for pre-design advice on contemplated work?

Contact your Facilities Manager or submit an online customer-funded service request to put you in touch with the right group for your needs. Building Operations can provide estimates, alternative suggestions, and technical advice that may need to be considered for you to continue with your contemplated work.

Do I have to use UBC trades?

University departments must use Building Operations trades for all maintenance work and for renovation work valued at less than $50,000. This is mandated within the University’s collective agreement with CUPE 116. There are advantages to using University trades:

  • Building Operations trades have great knowledge of campus buildings and will ensure that University processes are followed
  • the internal hourly rate is comparable to that of outside trade rates

Larger renovation projects with a total value greater than $50,000 may be contracted to outside trades through Project Services in Infrastructure Developments.

Can I select the contractor I want for my project?

Contracts can be awarded only through an objective selection process in accordance with UBC purchasing policies and procedures as administered by Financial Operations.

I want to use an outside architect or engineer. How do I go about it?

Contact your Facilities Manager before engaging outside consultants for facilities-related work.

Why do you charge for design or the cost of a consultant?

Proper design by registered architects and engineers is necessary for a successful renovation project. It is also a requirement under the BC Building Code. Design and professional consulting services can comprise a significant portion of the cost of any project. The University does not provide Building Operations with core funding for these services so therefore they must be charged to each individual project.

Why can’t I contract directly for renovation work?

To ensure that proper code, regulatory and technical standards are met for campus facilities, the University requires that all renovation projects be managed either by Building Operations, UBC Project Services or UBC Properties Trust depending on the scale of the project. These organizations have the professional expertise to ensure that the University receives optimum value for facilities renovation investment.

If you are Service Requestor on Planon, please submit a service request online. If you are not registered in our system, see here for instructions to get access. For immediate assistance please contact the Service Centre at 604-822-2173. The Service Centre phone line is staffed Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Outside of these hours you can leave a message on the Service Centre voice mail, or in emergency situations you can be connected through to our shift staff who will answer your call and coordinate a response to the emergency request.

Is there an online customer service request form?

Yes, a Planon customer satisfaction survey is available after every service request is completed. You will receive an email including a link to complete a brief survey.

If your request is urgent or an emergency please contact the Service Centre at 604-822-2173.

What costs does Building Operations consider in estimates and how are they compiled?

Estimates include all foreseeable costs associated with a given project including:

  • consulting and professional fees
  • construction costs
  • commissioning costs
  • contingencies and applicable taxes

Estimates are compiled by professional estimating staff using industry standards for design, labour and material requirements associated with a given project. Estimates will be provided for work that exceeds $2,000.

Who is my Facilities Manager and how do I contact them?

Each building on campus is assigned a Building Operations Facilities Manager. This individual is your connection to services offered by Building Operations. You can look up the name and contact information for your Facilities Manager directly or you can call our reception desk at 604.822.2172.