Building Administrators

Are you a building or office administrator? Learn more about how we work together to keep spaces on campus at their best.

Start by ensuring you have access to Planon so that you can submit service requests. Learn more about charge-out rates and more.

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Building Administrator FAQs

A quick overview of some frequent questions from Building Administrators

Charge out rates

We recover costs through a charge-out rate for services to UBC ancillaries and tenants, for non-core services, Annual Capital Allowance cyclical maintenance, and minor capital work.

Finance Support Program

As an administrator you are often asked to initiate changes to space, repairs, renovations or to find rooms for specific functions. These procedures and processes are included within the Facilities training module on [Opens in new tab]

Infrastructure issues: research & computer equipment

What to take into account when purchasing or relocating research or computer server equipment.

Too hot? Too cold?

If you’re too hot or too cold—before you plug in a heater or a fan—we need you to tell us if something doesn’t seem right for your building.