Building dispensers


All UBC buildings and infrastructure comply to UBC technical guidelines. The UBC Technical Guidelines serve as the code of quality and performance for the design, construction and renovation of UBC-owned institutional buildings.


Core soap, paper towel, and hand sanitizer dispensers

The number of core soap, paper towel, and hand sanitizer dispensers for each building and space follow UBC technical guidelines. For any additional dispensers, these dispensers are not consider ‘Core’ dispensers and the faculty/department is responsible for funding the additional dispenser and ongoing refills.



Paper towel dispensers

  • All kitchens and lounges have paper towel dispensers installed, conforming to UBC standards.
  • New buildings are switching to hand dryers, but almost all existing buildings have paper towel dispensers in washrooms.
  • Teaching labs (non-teaching and research labs are excluded).

Soap dispensers

  • All kitchens and lounges have hand soap dispensers installed, conforming to UBC standards.
  • Listed as a design requirement for washrooms.
  • Teaching labs (non-teaching and research labs are excluded) .

Hand Sanitizer dispensers

  • Wall mounted or stand-alone dispensers at the main entrance(s) of every building

For information, visit UBC technical guidelines.


Customer-funded dispensers and refills

  • If the faculty/department would like to order additional dispensers, this order and the ongoing refills for the dispenser will be customer-funded. These dispensers are not considered ‘Core’ dispensers and they will not be regularly maintained by UBC Facilities. However, a customer-funded service agreement can be made with UBC Facilities by calling the Service Centre (604-822-2173) or submitting a customer-funded Service Request to install and maintain the additional dispensers.


Ordering additional dispensers and refills

  • Any additional soap, paper towel, or hand sanitizers, and refills for additional dispensers are customer funded. Faculty/departmental buyers have been informed of the procedure to follow for ordering additional dispensers. Should the faculty/departmental buyers need additional support, please contact Jason Lee ( in Financial Operations. Jason will provide procurements details for the dispenser refills.


Installing and maintaining dispensers

For assistance with installing the new dispenser, faculty/departments will need to submit a customer-funded Service Request. In the Service Request, please ensure to include a contact person, where UBC Facilities staff should pick-up the dispenser for installation, and where the dispenser will be installed. Custodial Services will provide this service to the requestor. Customer-funded dispensers will not be maintained/refilled by UBC Facilities unless a service agreement is in place with UBC Facilities.



For questions or concerns, please contact your Facilities Manager or the Service Centre 604-822-2173