Our campus partners

We are part of a campus team

Building Operations isn’t alone in operating the university. Building Operations is part of the VP Finance and Operations Portfolio. It provides strategic leadership and support for UBC’s academic vision by providing and delivering financial and operational management excellence. The eight units in the portfolio are responsible for stewardship of all UBC physical and financial assets. This includes overseeing an operating budget $1.894 billion (fiscal 2017-18) and endowment of $1.538 billion (March 31, 2017). VP Finance and Operations also manages the university’s relationships with the UBC Investment Management Trust (IMANT) and UBC Properties Trust.

Building Operations works closely with many departments to produce the campus experience, key among them are members of the UBC Facilities Portfolio:

  • Energy and Water Services
    UBC’s centre of energy and utility system experts. Building Operations supports the implementation and operations of many energy-saving initiatives originated by this team.
  • Infrastructure Development
    Provides stewardship for all institutional facilities projects and is responsible for major capital, including the planning, development, renewal, and renovation of campus facilities. Building Operations lends its expertise to the design, construction, and commissioning of new buildings to improve operational outcomes for our campus.

We also work closely with the people who plan and build the new construction on campus:

  • Campus and Community Planning
    The urban planners, designers, public consultation professionals, building inspectors, sustainability experts making the decisions that create the physical environment at UBC.
  • UBC Properties Trust
    Services and markets UBC lands for residential development