Keeping everyone cool while waiting to enter the VCH Vaccination site  

Last week’s heatwave presented an immediate risk to everyone’s health and some VCH vaccination sites around the city had to close due to lack of air conditioning in the space. As patients lined up outside the west side of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building to enter the VCH vaccination site, heat was a concern.


The Municipal team’s Landscape irrigation crew acted quickly and installed three misting stations near the Pharmaceutical Sciences plaza before the afternoon sun hit the patients that were waiting outside. The Streets & Operations Services team, in conjunction with the Energy & Water Services, also set up a portable drinking water station outside to keep everyone hydrated.


UBC encourages all members of our community to support the provincial vaccine program. Vaccines are the best way to protect yourself — and everyone around you — from COVID-19. 


Huge kudos to our crews for supporting this important facility!