Building Operations Weekly


Through the Staff Excellence Award Program, Building Operations provides recognition and rewards our staff who have consistently demonstrated excellence in the performance of their work and service to the University throughout the year. 

All staff are invited to nominate one (or more!) of their colleagues who, in their view, have achieved excellence in one of our six award categories, inspired by our Strategic Plan. 

After careful consideration and intense deliberation, your 2020 Staff Award Committee members have narrowed down the 48 nominations they received for staff awards this year to one winner for each category.

2020 Staff Excellence Award Winners

Employee Engagement: April Wong, Clerk IV 

The recipient of the Employee Engagement award demonstrates significant contributions to a working environment where people feel respected, supported, valued and inspired as well as exemplary collaboration & cooperation 

Nomination quote: “when someone approaches me with a problem or a request, all I do is look towards April’s direction, and she already knows what is needed”

 Leadership Development: John Iampietro, Head Electrician

Honorable mentions: Kuldeep Malli and Georges Bisson 

This award was a very tough decision for the committee.  There were excellent nominations submitted for John,  Kuldeep and Georges. It was a tough decision, but in the end, the committee voted to award John for his exemplary performance in the Leadership Development category. 

The recipient of the Leadership Development award demonstrates significant contributions to; fostering a culture of service excellence through a positive attitude and high performance, exhibiting confidence, empowerment and the exceptional qualities of a leader

Nomination quote: “John is very adaptable and finds solutions instead of problems… (he) is a very good communicator and makes the work environment more enjoyable”.

Asset Stewardship: Phillip Beck, Head Landscape Technician 

The recipient of the Asset Stewardship award demonstrates significant contributions to; maintaining and improving our assets in a sustainable manner, improving our spaces and enhancing our asset information

Nomination quote: “The overall excellent appearance of the Main Campus’s signature landscapes, which Phil has stewarded over the last 14 years, is testimony to his exceptional accomplishments in the realm of Asset Stewardship”. 

Innovation: Michael Marshall, Electrician 

The recipient of the Innovation award demonstrates significant contributions to; innovative ideas, developing and improving existing methods and procedures through original thinking and creativity and employing emerging technology to achieve new standards of efficiency and effectiveness.

Nomination quote: “Mike is great, he is very passionate about his work and take great care when performing his tasks, he communicates everything so we know exactly what’s going on and what to expect”. 

Customer Experience: Dumitra “Touca” Gheorgheos      

The recipient of the Customer Experience award demonstrates significant contributions to; propelling excellence in customer service, improving customer experience throughout our community, anticipating and proactively meeting client needs and consistently providing superior service.

Nomination quote: “Not only does she truly care about the employees at the Alumni Centre, but she takes huge pride in her work to ensure things are kept to the high standard she knows the building deserves. She is a calm, honest and caring woman who we are so grateful and lucky to have”. 

The Kim Nulty Award: Dimitri Kavouras 

Honorable mention: Marcus Drozdzik 

Again, selecting the recipient for the Kim Nulty award was a difficult decision for the committee.  The nominations submitted for both Dimitri and Marcus were thoughtful, detailed and provided examples as to how they each demonstrated qualities that from at least three of the other award categories. . It was a tough decision, but in the end, the committee voted to award the Kim Nulty award to Dimitri.  

Nomination quote: “Dimitri has volunteered time as a shop steward. He is a trusted member of the shop as coworkers feel comfortable bringing their issues and concerns to Dimitri if they need help. He is always looking to help others”. 


It goes without saying that 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for all and our lives have been impacted in ways we could have never predicted or imagined. These impacts have been especially challenging for many individuals and families who are lonely and isolated, and who suddenly found themselves in very difficult times; underemployed, socially isolated, and hungry. As members of the UBC community who have always been a big supporter of the United Way, we can make a difference for our local communities by supporting the United Way by way of a direct donation or participating in our silent auction.   

All proceeds of our silent auction fund raising will go directly to supporting our local communities through the United Way.  This year we have 16 different item categories that are open for bidding in a silent auction format.   

 Silent Auction Details:  

  • Auction is open Monday December 14, 2020 at 6:30 a.m.  
  • Auction closes Friday December 18, 2020 at 12 p.m.  
  • Each item has a minimum bid as a first entry which you can match to start off the bidding  
  • Please print your name, contact number and bid amount clearly   
  • Successful bidders will be contacted by 2:00 p.m. on Friday December 18, 2020  
  • All items must be paid for before 3:30 p.m. on Friday December 18, 2020  
  • All items must be picked up no later than December 22, 2020.  

Used Items up for Bidding:  

  • 4x8x1/2” Particle Board Sheets  
  • Bird Houses  
  • Cement Board and Wall Tiles  
  • Cork & White Boards    
  • Plastic Laminate Counter Tops  
  • Wooden & Metal Doors – Various Sizes  
  • Various Building Materials  
  • Various Used Tools and Accessories  
  • The Prized Wooden Reindeer  

It is important that all COVID-19 protocols are met while participating in the silent auction. Before participating, please read the notes below carefully:

 Please review the USB Safety Plan and follow UBC Campus Rules before participating. All safety documents can be found here:    

  • Respect the USB safety plan and the need to keep a 2m distance while bidding on available items  
  • Auction items and the bidding sheets can be found in the North and South Atrium as well as along the hallway between them, adequately spaced to meet COVID-19 protocol  
  • Respect social distancing while reviewing and bidding on items  
  • Please bring your own pen or pencil to document your bidding

Over 960 members of our UBC Community have stepped up to support the UBC United Way Campaign and reaching our goal of 1000 donors. Every dollar raised goes to support vulnerable individuals and families in our community who have found themselves food insecure or isolated as a result of the pandemic.  

A great big thank you to all those groups and individuals who donated items and helped to bring together the United Way silent auction. 


This is a friendly reminder, Building Operations vehicles will be ticketed if parked in loading bays, sidewalks, walkways, or accessible parking spaces.  As a driver, you are responsible for paying any and all tickets received.


A two year permitting process is nearing the end! UBC is seeking an amendment to its air emissions permit for the Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility (BRDF) to reflect recent process changes and optimizations. 

The public is invited to submit comments by December 28, 2020. For more information, visit:


In the past decade, Christmas-related fires in B.C. have caused more than $14.5 million in damages. Reduce the risk of fire by keeping trees, wrapping paper, decorations and other material that can catch fire away from heat sources.

Real trees should be watered every day so they stay fresh, and flame-retardant or non-combustible decorations should be used, along with lights that have been tested and labelled by a certified testing laboratory.

Learn more tips from the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC):


We know this year has been filled with COVID-19 information and adapting to new changes both in the workplace and at home, and you may not have had time to present your Bright Ideas.  

But we are always look forward to hearing your input on operational efficiencies as well as any new and fresh ideas you have to share with the department. A Bright Idea submission can also lead to winning one of our staff awards at the end of the year!

We encourage everyone in Building Operations to submit their Bright Ideas that contribute to the success of our five departmental strategic priorities:  

  • Employee Engagement  
  • Leadership Development  
  • Asset Stewardship  
  • Innovation  
  • Customer Experience 

Please visit to learn more and submit your Bright Idea.  If your Bright Idea is selected, you will be contacted and possibly asked for a follow up meeting to further expand on your idea.    


Did you know that one of the most common injuries that emergency departments had to deal with during the 1994 early morning Northridge earthquake in Southern California was removing broken glass from people’s feet? Make sure to keep a pair of shoes by your bed at all times. 

For more information on personal emergency preparedness, visit Safety & Risk Services’ Emergency Preparedness website: