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Asset Stewardship

Know What To Do for Extreme Weather at UBC? Check out

When extreme weather comes to the Vancouver campus, Building Operations is responsible for managing snow and ice. The weather at UBC can be unpredictable–as UBC has its own microclimate which can be quite different from lower lying areas. We monitor custom weather feeds to get accurate predictions of what’s coming and work hard to make the campus as safe as possible, as soon as possible. In extreme weather situations, updates on campus conditions, classes or exams are available on

Find out how campus will be kept safe during extreme weather, and how to report slippery conditions by visiting


Shared Drive Reorganizing Project Underway As We Prepare for EAD Integration

Building Operations has partnered with UBC IT on the EAD  Integration Project, an IT service integration initiative that will enhance file and desktop management, improve the onboarding process, and facilitate the computer support for users. This project includes moving the existing LBS domain to EAD (Enterprise Active Directory) including migrating its related components such as computers, accounts, servers, applications, etc. The project started in September and is expected to continue till the first quarter of 2019.

A significant scope of the project is the current file server/share drive commonly known as the S Drive. During the project we need to engage active users to ensure we validate the data to be moved, its ownership and the permission requirements. Furthermore, we need to understand any constraints and considerations within your group to help with migration scheduling and any change management activities.


Do Not Leave Rooftop Access Doors Unsecured

To ensure the safety of all personnel and prevent unauthorized access, all trades entering and exiting rooftop access doors must ensure the doors are left secured and not propped open at all times.


Annual Respirator Fit Testing Happening in December

Risk Management Services announced that the Sperian/Surviviar half-facepiece respirator has been discontinued. As a result, we are switching respirator brands to 3M. Employees will need to be fit tested with the new 3M respirator. If you have a Sperian/Surviviar Respirator, please bring it to the respirator fit test to be replaced with a 3M respirator.

If you want to know more about why the product was discontinued, check out the frequently asked questions.

Fit testing of the 3M respirators will be on December 4 – 20. In order for an employee to use a tight-fitting respirator (e.g. full-facepiece or half-facepiece) they must complete a fit test prior to their first use. If they are not fit-tested, they cannot wear the respirator.

Contact Lori Takenaka at to schedule a fit test by Wednesday, November 28.

Sperian/Surviviar Respirator Discontinued


Employee Engagement

Building Operations’ Holiday Lunch and Dinner December 12

All Building Ops staff are invited to partake of the holiday meals in December. Tickets to the lunch, dinner and breakfast have been distributed. Submit your RSVP ticket stub to your Head or at USB Reception by Wednesday, December 6.

For a more fun and joyous occasion, remember to wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater or your Christmas hat!

Building Operations Participate in Trade and Technology Career Fair

Mike Devolin, Gregor MacDonald and Pete Mcloughlin attended  the “Trade and Technology Career Fair” hosted by Kwantlen Polytechnic University on November 20th. The Fair focused on trades careers and was an opportunity to showcase the opportunities that exist within Building Operations trades.  The show was well attended by apprentices, current  trades students and those entertaining careers in trades.


Holiday Season Food Drive In Full Swing

Once again the Carpentry Shop will be accepting donations for their annual food drive to assist those in need during the holiday season. If you have non-perishables that you’d like to donate, please bring them to the carpentry shop where a donation box has been set up to accept your donated items. If you have any questions, please see Dan Lappin or Mike Devolin.


Quick Updates


Vanpool Pilot Program Information Sessions on December 5 and 6…Stay Tuned for Details


UBC Parking Alert–UBC Parking Permits Will Not Be Valid at Rose Garden Parkade During Convocation on November 28, 29 and 30