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Asset Stewardship

Electrical Service Is Provided by a Geographic Zone Model as of October 1st

On October 1, we will provide electrical maintenance and customer requested changes to electrical systems using a geographical zone model. The change will provide a higher level of service ot our customers to allow them to continue with the great work that they do, and allow us to be more efficient and become the best electrical unit among the world’s top universities.

  • We are implementing a geographic zone model with the zone electricians only.
  • We begin October 1, 2018 and will run until March 31, 2019.
  • This is in response to the type of work that electricians do, and how often they receive emergency calls that disrupt their work.
  • All requests for zone electrical support, internal and external, should be submitted via a service request which will be routed from the service centre to the temporary electrical geo zone subhead.
  • The Service Centre will route all customer work to projects electricians, including ‘two day or less’ jobs. The head project electrician will either schedule and execute the work, or decide with the electrical geo zone subhead to assign the request to the zone electricians. Regardless of who carries out the work, customers will not be charged labour costs for jobs under two days.


Leak in Forestry Planter Fixed

Building operations roofer successfully found a leak in the upper planter of the Forestry building. After water testing, and digging around in the dirt, it was discovered that a sprinkler stub out at a roofing jack, was not properly sealed. Our roofer sealed the connection, water tested it, and then backfilled the area with soil. Bonus: the plants and vegetation got watered.


Stephanie Friessen Joins Building Ops To Assist in Shared Drive Folder Restructuring

Welcome Stephanie Friessen, a co-op student who will be working in Building Operations for the next 8 months to support the restructuring of our shared drive. This is Customer Service strategy to improve the condition of the shared drive. It’s critical to our operations to ensure we have the appropriate tools to perform our work. This includes where and how we store the documents, databases, and other files that we use every day.

Stephanie is a second-year Masters of Archival Studies student and as a records management specialist, she is to help us plan, document, communicate, and implement content management strategies that will make it easier to find and use information stored on our shared drive. The ultimate goal is to make locating information we have in an efficient way. This, in turn, will contribute to the overall effort of reducing the amount of effort it takes to perform our day-to-day work.

Welcome Stephanie.


Return To Stores All Hoists Assigned to Crews for the Annual Overhead Crane Inspections September 20 – 21


October 3 is Safety Day


Use Eye Protection when You Are Working Above Your Head and/or At Risk of Falling Debris


Leadership Development

Check Out for Current Building Ops Job Postings

Know anyone interested in working in Building Operations? Let them know about our current job postings

  • Job #31226 Evening – Full-Time Service Worker
  • Job #31276 Truck Driver Medium/Labourer
  • Job #31271 Day – Full-Time Service Worker
  • Job #31274 Utility Worker
  • Job #31275 Utility Worker
  • Job #31277 Labourer 3
  • Job #31268 Evening – Full-Time Service Worker
  • Job #31251 Evening – Full-Time Service Worker
  • Job #31280 Day – Full-Time Service Worker
  • Job #31270 Weekends – Evening Service Worker
  • Job #31269 Labourer 3

For full listings, check out designated job postings boards or visit UBC Careers.


Employee Engagement

Harvest Feastival Is On September 20

We have 38 people attending the Harvest Feastival this year. And from anyone who attended in the past, rave about the event. Here’s a testimonial from Ron Wessa, Carpenter Shop:

“I’ve been fortunate to attend the Feastival twice over the past few years. It’s given men an opportunity to network with peers that I haven’t met and get to know other folks in the department outside of the work arena.”

To those who signed-up, please pick up your from Caroline Soriano September 19 at 3:00 pm. We have 10 tickets available. Please contact Caroline if you are interested.


Quick Updates


Get To Know Wende Kinch, Senior Manager, Fleet and Procurement Services

The VP Finance and Operations newsletter features a staff member for us to get to know them a little better. This month, features our Senior Manager of Fleet and Procurement Services, Wende Kinch. Here’s an excerpt:

What do you do for the university?

“I oversee the inventory operations for Building Operations. This includes tools, equipment, parts and supplies required for our trades. In addition, I oversee the service agreements with third party suppliers and internal departments. Finally, I manage the Building Operations Fleet of vehicles and equipment including the garage.”

What makes you laugh?

“I enjoy a good comedian, harmless prank, and especially children. They really do say the darndest things!”

What is your vision?

“My vision is to embrace the opportunity at UBC to create a world-leading procurement function within Building Operations. I love the people here and we are having so much fun doing it.”

Visit the VPFO Staff Page and get to know Wende.


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Welcome Back: Jason Wright


Welcome to UBC: Michael Vangsgaard, Roger Capinpin, Shane Connolly, Stephanie Friessen and Susan Delos Santos