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Asset Stewardship

Parking Restrictions In Effect at IRC and UBC Hospital

Help minimize traffic congestion and emergency vehicle access in Hospital Lane, by utilizing the designated Building Operations parking located on Health Sciences Road when responding to routine service calls. Heavy equipment and material drop off is exempt. Please vacate the loading area(s) after drop off, so others may complete their deliveries.

Plan your routes accordingly and follow the instructions of Traffic Control Personnel.


Learning Space Design Guidelines Available in UBC Technical Guidelines

The 2018 UBC Learning Space Design Guidelines (LSDG) is now available on the Learning Spaces website.

The LSDG is a standard document for the planning and design of learning spaces at UBC, and was originally developed in 2011. The LSDG has been a valued asset for many years, providing project teams with a practical design document for reference. This guideline provides direction and recommendations, rather than specifications, and excludes technical considerations found in the UBC Technical Guidelines.


Notify Service Centre if You See Rodent Activity in the Workplace

If you come across evidence of rodent activity during your work, please ensure you notify the Service Centre in order for pest control to be contacted. Pest control will then assess and where applicable, the appropriate groups can perform work safely while following safe work procedures.


Historic Banff National Park Lodge Fined $27,000 for Destroying Swallow Nests

Remember the article we shared about how Michael Manhas and Andrei Stefan rescued a fledgling in last week’s issue? Not only did they contribute to the preservation of wildlife but they also helped avoid penalties. The Barn Swallow is a legally listed federal Species at Risk in Canada. It has been a long contravention of the Migratory Birds Convention Act to disturb or destroy a nest of a Migratory Bird (either intentionally or unintentionally). With a status of Species At Risk means the awareness is heightened.

These birds will nest in urban areas on buildings, bridges and other structures, particularly near water and open spaces. During breeding season, you may find nests around the Museum of Anthropology or South Campus. Late nests can be initiated well into August. Watch out for these nests and avoid disturbing them. Find out more here.


Leadership Development

Francis Lepage Joins UBC as Municipal Services Manager

Francis Lepage has his MBA and is a LEED Green Associate who brings with him a broad range of operational, environmental and health & safety experience gained through a number of public sector and institutional work related experiences. He left his role as the Director, Prevention and Control with the City of Quebec where he has had significant experience building diverse teams to deliver quality services and programs related to facilities operations and development services. During the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Francis held the position of Snow Cleaning and Waste Manager for all the Olympic venues and increased his experience and exposure to working with senior leaders in a fast paced customer focused environment.

Francis brings with him skills in the area of asset management, logistics and inventory management, budget management, facilities and grounds maintenance, procurement and contract management, as well as health and safety. His strong background in these areas, along with his experience at working with local governments and other public institutions, like the University of Ottawa, will serve Building Operations well. Under his leadership, the work group will plan and execute key initiatives that will effectively manage the operations and maintenance of the university’s grounds and municipal assets while aligning with the strategic direction of Building Operations and the University.

Municipal Services is excited to have Francis join the team and looks forward to the perspective he will bring to Building Operations.

Welcome Francis Lepage to Building Operations.


Check Out for Current Building Ops Job Postings

Know anyone interested in working in Building Operations? Let them know about our current job postings.

  • #30584 Evening – Full Time Service Worker
  • #30602 Evening – Full Time Service Worker
  • #30601 Weekend Day Service Worker
  • #30587 Records Clerk
  • #30165 Labourer 3 (Repost)
  • #29802 Labourer 3 (Repost)
  • #30336 Labourer 3 (Repost)
  • #30653 Seasonal Labourer 2
  • #30603 People & Process Manager, Mech Systems & HVAC Trades
  • #30610 Director, Energy Conservation and Innovation
  • #30616 Electrician
  • #30617 Electrician

For full listings, check out designated job postings boards or visit UBC Careers.


Employee Engagement

Vanpool Pilot Program Coming Soon

Based on the number of staff interest, UBC will provide a vanpool pilot program in partnership with Translink and Modo. They are working on the details such as fee structure and routes which will be shared in information sessions. Forms will be available at these sessions for Translink to start matching up those interested in participating.

Stay tuned!


The 16th Annual Welcome Back Staff BBQ Is on September 11, 2018

Each year, the Office of the President and Human Resources welcome UBC staff to the new academic year with the  Welcome Back Staff BBQ. It will be held on September 11, 2018 and produced by UBC Ceremonies and Events. The event is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a complimentary lunch, live entertainment, information tables and the camaraderie of our fellow colleagues.

Sign-up sheets have been distributed. Please indicate your choice of beef or vegan. Submit the sign-up sheet to USB Reception by Friday, August 3rd.


Customer Service

Campus and Community Planning Building 2 Gets a Makeover

The paint shop worked diligently, completing a much needed makeover for Campus and Community Planning Building 2 on July 15th. Thanks for making an old building look and feel fresh again.  Your work has not gone unnoticed.


Quick Updates


For Safety Reasons, Do Not Place Items on Top of Lockers


Take Your Break–The Benefits of Water

Lack of water can lead to dehydration and can drain your energy making it harder to focus for the rest of the day. Remember the 8 x 8 rule. Eight glasses of eight ounces of water each day helps keep you hydrated and energized. In warm working environments using a spray bottle mister to spray water on your skin helps keep you cool and your skin hydrated.


Leaving UBC: Anne Stanton