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Asset Stewardship

More Mechanical and Electrical Rooms Rekeyed as Part of the Campus Rekey Initiative

In the April 18 issue of the newsletter, we mentioned that Secure Access and the Locksmith Shop started a program to rekey all buildings on campus that were not on the NM-1, NE-1 keys. More mechanical and electrical rooms have been rekeyed as part of this initiative.

  • Tennis Centre and Bubble
  • Lasserre
  • Buchanan Tower (partial)
  • SRC
  • Belkin
  • Botanical


Proactive Maintenance Performed with Domestic Cold Water PRV and Backflow Station Upgrades at Chemistry C Block

During the annual backflow testing, our plumbing crew discovered that the existing 8” backflow preventer at the Chemistry C Block had failed and required replacement. Due to the historical knowledge the plumbing crew has of the Chemistry complex and taking the initiative to relay this information to the technical department, the backflow preventer valves were downsized from 8″ to 4″ in size.

This action by the crew saved capital cost, and future repair and replacement cost. The Backflow station was also upgraded to a parallel configuration to meet the UBC Technical Guidelines which will facilitate annual testing without the need for a disruption to the domestic water to the building. Special thanks go out to the plumbing crew for highlighting the potential cost savings and workmanship, Stores/Tool Crib for their assistance in determining rigging arrangements to lift the heavy old valves and equipment up the ships ladder from the lower mechanical room, and the labour crew for doing the heavy lifting.


Employee Engagement

Sign Up for UBC Alert

The UBC Alert emergency notification system provides emergency messages on the UBC website (, Twitter (@ubcnews) and campus digital signs.

To receive emergency test message on your work or personal cellphone, sign up at

UBC ALERT is an important part of maintaining UBC faculty and staff safety and security during an emergency. Make sure you sign up.

Learn more at


Thanks for Welcoming the Summer at our Ice Cream Social

We did it! We cooled off with ice cream treats as we welcomed the summer in this year’s Ice Cream Social. Interim Vice-President of Finance and Operations Peter Smailes came to celebrate with us and enjoyed ice cream at the day shift event. Acting Associate VP for Facilities John Metras came to celebrate, too, at the evening shift event. Kudos to Greg Scott for being a real trooper who came to all 3 events…yes…yes…including the night shift event at 11:30 pm. Wow!

An event like this will not be a success without the help of all those who volunteered their time.

Thank you to…

  • Bill Toor and Florante Navarra for our tables and chairs
  • the Utility Workers for setting up
  • the electrical shop for our sound system
  • Mike Giannias, Foti Alexiou and Rob Sommerfeld for setting up demarcation lines
  • Charles Creelman and Ana Boal for emceeing the event
  • Steve Carey for taking photos
  • the Custodial Group for always being there to help with the clean up
  • Lyz Gilgunn and the Athletics & Recreation department for the activities

Special thanks to our volunteers Tony Boyce, Matt Boydston, Tom Davis, Kishani Gibbons, Ellen Grande, Matthew Harraway, Brad Haywood, Jag Khella, Justin Rhodes, Matt Shew, Barb Shimizu, Travis Simpson, Mike Soriano, Paul Tees and Shirley Tseng. And a big, big thank you to Caroline Soriano!

Cooling down at the Day Shift event

Enjoying the activities at the Evening Shift Social

Night shift enjoyed treats and games, too!

Pamela Voigt Finally Nabs Pie-Eating Contest Queen Title


5th Annual Chef Challenge is on July 19–Get Your Tickets Now

Five of the best culinary teams from across UBC have been chosen to pair craft BC beer with their best gastronomic creations. The 2018 competitors are:

  • BierCraft
  • Koerner’s Pub
  • St. John’s College
  • UBC Food Services
  • Virtuous Pie

Regular tickets include entry, local food, craft beer samples and live music the by East Van Carnival Band.

Visit UBC Chef Challenge website to learn more.


Leadership Development

Check Out These Job Postings

Know anyone interested in working in Building Operations? Let them know about our current job postings.

  • #29976 Evening – Part-time Service Worker
  • #30401 Evening – Full-time Service Worker
  • #30425 Evening – Part-time Service Worker
  • #30428 Night Service Worker
  • #30377 Manager, Municipal Services – Labour Division

For full listings, check out designated job postings boards or visit UBC Careers.


Quick Updates


NPS Score decreased to 73% with 7 new promoters and 1 new detractor.


Welcome to UBC: Daniel Faber, Gerry McGowan, Kian Parvan, Meng Shu, Russell Duke and Sena Kalay,