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What Are You Doing for Safety? Remember numbers to call for First Aid Assistance during the Day Shift

Dustin Szeto is the dedicated First Aid Attendant in the University Services Building. To obtain first aid services, please use the phone outside the first aid room (0058) between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday excluding holidays. If there is no first aid attendant on duty, please dial (604) 822-4444 to contact UBC’s mobile first aid program that is contracted through Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.

Reminder to always let your immediate supervisor know if you have suffered an injury at work.






Vehicle Sharing Program—Remember to Return Keys to the Cabinet and Cars to their Designated Parking

The shared vehicle program is for short-term use only. Shared vehicles should not be parked at a site all day while in a lengthy meeting or dealing with a lengthy task. These are not shop vehicles and should not be used as such.

These shared assets give us an option for short-term transportation.  To be successful, we must ensure that these vehicles are constantly moving and assisting as many people in a day as possible.

When using the shared vehicles please remember to do the following on every use:

  • Pick up your key no more than 30 minutes before your trip, and promptly return the key to the cabinet when your trip has been completed.
  • Perform inspections with each use and submit to the box below the key system or the garage.
  • Park the vehicle in its designated parking stall when returning the vehicle.
  • Plug in the charging nozzle when you return the vehicle under a 50% charge.
  • Do not leave behind any personal items, garbage, tools, etc.
  • Do not block units 384 and 388. These two vehicles support the AMS Safewalk program during evenings and weekends.

We as a work group must remember to return the vehicles to their parking stalls daily and the keys must be placed in the ProxSafe lock box while the vehicles are sitting idle between trips.  Your cooperation with these few simple rules will help the program continue with success and ensure we all have a vehicle to use for those short trips.


Martha Piper Pond and Fountain are Back

The long wait is over. The Martha Piper Pond went through much needed maintenance and upgrade which was identified through reviews from those maintaining the ponds. Tiles have replaced the compromised rubber liner for easier maintenance and improved aesthetics. Deficiencies were also fixed by installing a new, more-robust weatherproofing guard between the concrete tiles, installing new nozzles and rewiring the lights.

We now have a more professional looking water feature that will stand the test of time. Check out the before, during and after pictures. Huge thanks to all the Plumbers and Electrician involved, who worked with contractors to ensure this feature is built to last.

Pond Lining Compromised

New Tiles

Lights, Camera, Action!


Zone Review Update

Our current zone model was implemented in 2009 and was one of the first of its kind for a university. It was developed with customer service at its forefront, with buildings grouped by Faculty to give consistency for clients. Our campus has changed a lot since 2009, for example pedestrian malls make driving within our current zones difficult.

APPA’s FMEP review recommended some changes to modernize our model. Following their feedback, we have embarked on a project to rethink our current zone model to enable more proactive delivery of service to campus.

Deb Capps is leading this project and will be connecting with staff across the department to learn about current workflows and challenges and gather recommendations for what our future model will become.


Centralized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Project Update

What is this Project?

Building Operations is to source a new system that is more tailored to support the planning and scheduling of teams delivering maintenance across UBC. The PeopleSoft System Building Operations currently in use, is being retired, Workday will replace the HR and financial functions.

How long will this take?

Initial estimates are 3 years to completed the project.

Why will it take so long?

This is a major change that impacts the majority of Building Operations staff.  It is important to allow sufficient time to source, migrate and implement the new system.

Next Steps:

Over the next two weeks the focus will be on establishing a team that represents a cross section of key stakeholders, along with compiling the initial paperwork to confirm funding (High Level Proposal), and complete the RFI (Request for Information) requirements to initiate potential vendors.


How To Rock Your Interview Lunch and Learn Sessions in March

Have you ever not gotten a job you really wanted? Bring your lunch, gain skills and learn tips on how to prepare for interviews at UBC! This interactive session will help you learn how interviews are conducted at UBC and what interviewers look for.

Learn about behavioural based interviews

Become familiar with commonly asked questions

Practice answering questions using successful methods

Come to this session so you can be at your best when it’s time for the interview.


Managing Director Search Committee Update

The Building Operations Managing Director search committee is moving forward.  The committee first met in early January to discuss the qualities we are looking for in a candidate and formalize the job posting.

The position was then posted both on the UBC HR website, as well as various other recruiting channels. UBC has also engaged an executive search firm to support the recruiting process.

The committee recently met again to review the ‘long list’ of applicants. The next step will be to schedule interviews in early March.


Quick Updates


NPS score remained at 81% with 6 new promoters.


Leaving UBC: Matt Holm


2018 President’s Awards for Staff: Call for Nominations until Friday, March 16th


Storm the Wall Registration Now Open until Friday March 16th


Reminder—submit vacation requests by February 15 to be posted by March 1st


Frank Crudo Acting Managing Director from January 19 – February 28