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What Are You Doing For Safety – Perform A Pre-Job Hazard Assessment

Work identified through the Building Services Joint Health and Safety Committee, a Job Hazard Assessment Form was developed and used to review and/or identify any potential hazards before starting a job. These forms were used by the plumbers in the recent Expansion Tank Blitz and the steamfitters used it for work at Pharmacy. The forms are concise and will need 1 – 2 minutes to review prior to performing any job. The benefit of using the forms is to help you assess hazards and stay safe. These forms can be found in our Building Ops website.


Another Innovation in Action–Drone Used for IONA Roof Inspection to Reach Hard To Get Places

The RCABC (Roofing Contractors Association of BC) conducted their 2-year inspection of the new roof at IONA, as part of the comprehensive warranty. In order to review inaccessible or hard to reach roof areas visually, the contractor used a specialty equipped drone with cameras, to fly over these locations. The operators cordoned off the takeoff and landing areas beside the building, and launched the drone from the ground. The drone flew over the very steep roof sections and hovered over drains, valleys, and other areas of interest. We were able to see debris around drain screens, loose shingles, and the condition of areas completely inaccessible without safety lines and harnesses. A full report will be sent to us, to help us plan our maintenance program for this roof. Watch the drone in action.



New Shutdown System Is Almost Here!

On February 25 we’re implementing the first major upgrade to the online shutdown system since 2013. To help shutdown system users get familiar with all the enhancements, we’ll be taking the following steps:

  • Hosting in-person training sessions for current shutdown users
  • Updating the shutdown training manual
  • Creating cheat sheets for shutdown users one-page help documents that highlight key functions to keep at their desk

Before training begins, there might be some old shutdown requests that will be completed in order to have a smooth implementation of the new system.

Shutdown users, watch for training sessions to be scheduled on the week of February 19. We’ll be handing out training materials during those sessions and hosting them on the share drive for all staff. We’ll share the links to the training material later in the month.


Kudos To Zone Plumbers For Preventing Further Damage Due To Leak

UBC Yellow Zone plumber, Mike Che, did an exceptional job helping to stop a sink that was overflowing on the second floor of Buchanan Tower. It was overflowing and raining down onto the first floor. Site Superintendent Bill Field was grateful for the quick response in fixing the problem. Thank you Kevin Phelan for sharing the story.


2018 President’s Awards for Staff: Call for Nominations

A message from Professor Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor

UBC’s staff make outstanding contributions to the university community. I invite you to recognize these individuals and their achievements by nominating them for the 2018 President’s Awards for Staff.

Download the nomination package.

The nomination deadline is 4pm on March 16, 2018.


Pedestrian Route Changes Near UBC Bus Loop, February 2018

With continued construction projects across University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall, pedestrian routes have recently changed.

  • Wesbrook Mall is temporarily closed to pedestrians for safety reasons. Please use the detour route along the east side of the Aquatic Centre between the bus exchange and Student Union Boulevard.
  • A pathway between the AMS Nest/UBC Life Building and Aquatic Centre/UBC bus loop reopened on February 5.

Please respect all traffic control personnel who are on site to ensure your safety as construction vehicles enter the MacInnes Field construction site.


Innovation in Action Video: Energy & Water Services Is Reducing Energy Costs With Innovative Wi-Fi-Informed Building Controls

Learn how innovative new technology developed here at UBC is reducing energy costs by “counting” Wi-Fi connections at UBC. This technology could help UBC reduce greenhouse gasses by hundreds of tonnes and save as much as $100,000 per year. Watch the video on Facebook.


VIDEO: Learn How To Name Your Files so You Will Always Find Them

Records Management 101: Document Naming Conventions is a video created by UBC’s Records Management Office. It introduces naming conventions for electronic records so you can always find you stuff.


Switch to Online T4s at and Be Entered to Win an IPad Pro!

As part of a sustainability initiative, UBC Payroll is giving away an iPad Pro to encourage UBC employees who currently receive paper copies of their T4s to make the switch online. What better way to start 2018 than with a new iPad Pro? Read more at


Storm the Wall Registration Now Open

Are you ready for one of UBC’s most iconic experiences? Swim, sprint, bike, run & STORM THE WALL! Participate as a Competitive or Just-for-Fun team, or challenge yourself to do the whole course on your own as an Iron Person. A fun & exciting UBC tradition!

Register by Friday, March 16th!


Quick Updates


Shared Drive will be down for maintenance on Saturday, February 10, 11AM – 2PM


Reminder—submit vacation requests by February 15 to be posted by March 1st


NPS score remained at 81% with 3 new promoters.


Welcome to UBC: Matthew Harraway, Mary Ann Llanera and Jose Odavar


Frank Crudo Acting Managing Director from January 19 – February 28


Tick the “Get Fit” Box and Join Our Sun Run Team–Register by February 6