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Flu Shots Still Available to Faculty and Staff

If you weren’t able to get immunized at one of the flu clinics last fall, vaccines are still available by appointment. Call the UBC Pharmacists Clinic at 604 827 2584.


What Are You Doing for Safety?

Reduce the spread of illness at work. No one likes to be sick. As we navigate our way through the cold and flu season, it is important that we all take precautions to prevent and reduce the spread of these illnesses at work. Here are some prevention and risk control methods to limit the impact of germs in the workplace.

  • Keep hand sanitizer at your desk.
  • Frequently wash hands.
  • Always cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your elbow.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • If you are sick, stay home so you do not spread the illness to other people.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 6 feet from someone who has even mild symptoms.
  • Keep frequently touched surfaces such as desktops, phones, keyboards and doorknobs clean.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right.
  • Educate others.

By practicing the above tips for reducing the spread of illness at work, we will all be a bit healthier this year.


Hebb Tower Is Now a Construction Zone

The Hebb Building Renewal is now at its construction phase. Access and parking Volkoff Lane will remain challenging throughout the project. Building Operations service vehicles are requested to access parking behind Chemistry Centre (D-wing) and to avoid parking along the south side of Hennings in the lane. If access to the Hebb Building is necessary, crews are required to go through a site safety orientation and wear the appropriate PPE. For more information on Hebb site access, contact Heatherbrae site Superintendent Eric Himbert at 604 841 6062.


Expansion Tank Blitz a Success Thanks To Coordination and Team Effort

The Plumbing & FLS crews came last Saturday to do an Expansion Tank Blitz for 20 of our core buildings. Twenty-four tanks in total were successfully installed without any incidents or concerns. Kudos to the plumbers Joel Daley, Tony Fabiano, Drew Hanson, Harley Liu, Clayton McMullen, Scott Miller, Luke Peterson, Sean Roe, Param Sandhu, Matt Shew, Mike Soriano, Tom Takaki, and Al Zarkovic. A special thanks to FLS electrician Chad Lamond who was a superstar as he had to electrically isolate each mechanical room’s smoke detector for the soldering being done.

To install 24 Tanks in 8 hours is quite the feat, so getting it all coordinated with all the different clients in such a short time was due to the Facilities Managers hard work. Many thanks to all the FMs, too.


On a Quest To Improve Customer Service Levels Stores and Tool Crib Reorganization

The transition has begun! With the successful hire of our new purchaser, Olga Arlitt, we are able to begin our training and prepare the team for the new organizational structure. We urge our customers to be mindful of this change and help support the Stores and Tool Crib team as they learn their new duties.

What does all this mean for you?  Improved response and customer service.

How does this affect you? There are changes to our processes that mean changes for how we would like you to interact. Any order requests or lift equipment requests are now to be submitted via email Building Ops-Stores Request or at This is either for new product and tools or to rent lifts or third party supplied equipment.  We will still accept stores withdrawal was sheets and requests at the counter.

How can you access the forms? These forms are available on the Building Operations website. They can also be made available to you using your Outlook signature. We will be sending instructions on how to save the forms in your Outlook signature. We urge staff to use these forms so we may service your requirements in an expeditious manner.

Stores Order Request Form and Rental Requisition Form


Shutting Down over Winter Break Helping to Meet UBC’s Climate Goals

This past December, departments across campus joined together to reduce UBC’s environmental footprint over the winter holiday by participating in Seasonal Shutdown. Over 30 buildings and 38 departments submitted Shutdown Checklists, engaging over 1,100 staff and faculty across campus. In total, UBC saved 450,000 kWh of electricity, representing $32,000 in energy costs. These savings will result in a reduction in carbon emissions, helping to meet UBC’s climate goals. Click here to know more on the campaign.


Giving You Leadership Tools To Work Effectively–Next Session in Leadership Development Program is “Working in a Union Environment”

This Leadership Development Course will help you know more about your role as an employee, your head/sub-head and manager role and the performance management process so that good quality work can be done safely and productively in a work environment that’s positive and enjoyable. Check out posters for day shift and evening shift sessions. Contact April Wong to find out if there are still available seats.

Remember and share what we learned in the Leadership Program. We need feedback to learn and grow. How do we encourage others to give us feedback? Remember the AIID framework from Leadership Development Training:


Check Out the Shadow Project along the University Commons Plaza

The Shadow, a public artwork which is a part of UBC’s Outdoor Art Collection, is near completion! This art installation is a ghostly pixelated shadow of a first-growth Douglas fir tree across the expanse of University Commons Plaza (in front of the AMS Student Nest). Take a walk over there and you’ll notice the different shades of grey. Click here for more information.


Helping You Prepare for Tax Season

Get ready for tax season and opt-in to receive your T4 statements online. If you currently receive paper copies of your T4, make the switch to online between now and February 9, 2018 and get a chance to win a new iPad Pro.  Learn more.


For Work Purposes, Always Use Your UBC Email Account

At a time of increased awareness around data security, please remember the requirements to use UBC email systems for work purposes. UBC is required to ensure that personal information in its custody or under its control is stored and accessed in Canada. For this reason, email accounts hosted outside Canada such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud, cannot be used for work purposes. Read the message from University Counsel to learn more.


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Leaving UBC: Brian James and Conor Hourigan


NPS score decreased to 81% with 6 new promoters and 1 detractor.


Frank Crudo Acting Managing Director from January 19 – February 28


Tick the “Get Fit” Box and Join Our Sun Run Team–Register by February 6