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No Time Loss for Over 9 Years! Congratulations Utility Workers

The last time the Utility Workers had a time loss accident/incident was June 6, 2008. If they keep up the hard work, by June of this year it will be 10 years without a time loss accident!

Pam Wasylyshen took the team out for a celebratory lunch to say ‘thank you’ for their dedication in staying safe while repairing equipment, replacing light bulbs in tricky environments, and being first on scene to floods across campus, among many other things.

Our Utility Workers are the go-to for many tasks, and this is truly a major accomplishment. Thank you to the team for making safety a priority!


Be Mindful for the Safety of Pedestrians–Do Not Park on Pathways/Walkways

We received a complaint around our service vehicles parking on pathways and forcing pedestrians to walk on the road. This practice must change if we are to continue to keep our ability to use vehicles throughout the campus unhindered. The specific complaint was as follows:

 “I have lately seen UBC Building Operations vehicles parked on the pedestrian pathway alongside the Aquatic Centre and Coop—which leads from the bus loop to Student Union Blvd—during the busy morning hours when there is ample space off the pathway. These vehicles are forcing pedestrians to go around the thoughtlessly parked vehicles, walking on a roadway that is meant for vehicles, uneven, and, at present, full of garbage near Student Union Blvd. This is not only inconvenient but potentially dangerous: when pedestrians are forced to walk on what is effectively a road for construction vehicles and personnel, this presents an undue hazard that could be mitigated by Building Operations vehicles simply parking there and leaving the paved area for pedestrians.”

In general and as a result of this complaint, do not park on pathways unless we have an emergency to manage at that time, in which case we should create a proper detour for the pedestrians that will offer a protected and secure alternate route for them.

Although the UBC Parking Terms and Conditions states that service vehicles are allowed access to UBC service areas including time-limited Loading Zone, we must remember to respect pedestrian areas. The specific directions to our service vehicle operators are as follows:

  • Do not park our service vehicles in unauthorized locations.
  • Do not park in the new UBC Bus Exchange area except for work pre-approved or in agreement with TransLink
  • Do not park our vehicles on the pathway alongside the Aquatic Centre between Student Union Blvd and the Bus Loop.
  • Do not park on pathways, except in an emergency or within a defined construction zone which both must have a proper detour for pedestrians. According to the UBC Traffic Parking Rules, a service vehicle is not permitted to park in the Pedestrian Area except with the written permission of the Director. In giving such permission, the Director may impose appropriate terms and conditions.


Let’s Help Create a Respectful Environment in the Workplace

We want to work for an organization that demonstrates Respect. Whether it is with co-workers, customers or suppliers, respectful conduct is desired and expected in every interaction. In September 2008, President Toope introduced the UBC Respectful Environment Statement for Students, Faculty and Staff. To learn more, visit

Let’s help in creating a respectful environment. Visit Creating a Respectful Environment to learn more about the Respectful Environment Initiative.

Respect can mean may things. We’d like to support each other and start with using professional language–even when there is conflict. Respect in the workplace—What does it mean to you?


What Are You Doing for Safety?

In an effort to promote safety, let’s remember that slips, trips and falls were the second leading cause of occupational injuries or illnesses involving days away from work. Let’s keep our workplace safe by keeping areas clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition. This includes passageways, storerooms and service rooms. Floors should be clean and dry. To prevent slip, trip and fall incidents, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety recommends:

  • Report and clean up spills and leaks.
  • Keep aisles and exits clear of items.
  • Replace worn, ripped or damaged flooring.
  • Use drip pans and guards.


Do Not Park on Volkoff Lane

As mentioned in the January 10 issue of the newsletter, park Building Ops service vehicles behind Chemistry Centre (D-Wing). Do not park on Volkoff or you will be ticketed.


Please Remember the Rules of Our Shared Smart Car Program

The Shared Smart Car Program has been popular over the last decade which has created a need to expand our fleet. The two new smart cars added to our fleet, units 440 and 441, are being processed and will be on the road in the next few weeks. These units are not used as additional service vehicles to any shop or work area. It is intended to accommodate the short trips that are necessary throughout the work day. To maintain the program and ensure all users have a vehicle at the time they need one, it is important to remember the following guidelines:

  • Pick up your key no more than 30 minutes before your trip, and promptly return the key to the cabinet when your trip has been completed.
  • Perform inspections with each use and submit in the drop box located below the key cabinet or the garage.
  • Park the smart cars in their designated parking stalls.
  • Plug in the charging nozzle when your return the vehicle under a 50% charge.
  • Do not leave behind any personal items, garbage, tools, etc.
  • Do not block units 384 and 388. These units support the AMS SafeWalk Program during evenings and weekends.

If you have a bright idea to improve the program, we’d like to hear from you. You can contact Frank Crudo or email Building Ops-Bright Ideas for your bright ideas.


Stores Improves Customer Service Levels

Stores has recently improved their customer service levels!  With the addition of a purchaser to our team, we now have the capacity to follow up and expedite products requested by our customers.

How are we doing that, you ask?  Whenever staff request products that are out of stock, we are now logging these requests and guaranteeing follow up service.

So please let your crews know that we will be following up with an email advising them once their product arrives in stock. We try to avoid stock outs as much as possible. However, there may be timing delays between the sale of the product and replenishment.  When this occurs, we will provide personnel service and communicate directly to those requesting product.


EAOS Road Map Now On the Website

Achieving the goals of the EAOS Program requires the coordination of our time and resources. The EAOS Roadmap is a tool to help demonstrate where and when our efforts will be spent to drive specific EAOS initiatives to completion.

Currently in draft, the EAOS Road Map will be updated as projects are staffed, planned, implemented, and completed. You can find the most up-to-date version of the Road Map in our EAOS Documents and Presentations section.


Ladner Tower Lights Are Brighter!

The Ladner clock tower was constructed in 1968 with funds from Dr. Leon Ladner and his family. As the clock tower honors the history of pioneering families in British Columbia, including the Ladner family, it is only proper to brighten it up. Charles Creelman led the operation with the assistance of Lauchlan Hay and Marcus Drozdzik. It was a collaborative effort from the Electrical Projects team and the Labour Division. Total cost of the project as $7,500 (minus Charles’ free consulting!). Way to go guys!


Tick the “Get Fit” Box and Join Our Sun Run Team–Register by February 6

Early Bird Registration for the Vancouver Sun Run is February 6. For over 16 years, Building Operations has taken part in Canada’s biggest and best community event, the Vancouver Sun Run. Walk, jog or run, we want you to join us this year for the 34th Annual Sun Run on Sunday, April 22 at 9:00 am.

Contact Linda Roseborough to sign up.

Registration fees for Building Ops staff:

  • Early bird registration by Tuesday, 6 February: $25
  • Registration by 7 February – 23 March: $30


Quick Updates


Frank Crudo Acting Managing Director from January 19 – February 28


Jeff Smith taking on the Green Zone as of January 23


NPS score decreased to 8% with 3 new promoters.


Reminder, LSC/Pharm Sciences Noise Window January 22 – February 1