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What Are You Doing for Safety?

Who can do the most to promote safety in the workplace? You! No one knows our workplace better than you. Let’s take the lead in ensuring safety in the workplace.

Plan your work to avoid injuries. Search for hazards. Analyze the risk. Find the cause. Eliminate the cause. Tell others. You are safe! (SAFETY)

Remember the 3 causes of accident?

Be alert. Don’t get hurt.


There Is Time To Be Proactive–Reading Week February 19 – 23

The Winter Session Term 2 mid-term break is from February 19 – 23. In an effort to assist with planning and to be proactive, schedule work around classroom maintenance during this time. Start preparing for upcoming projects to be scheduled during Reading Week.


See Lori Takenaka To Schedule Your Respirator Fit Test

Respirators serve an important function by protecting you from significant hazards including insufficient oxygen and harmful pollutants in dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors and sprays. It is important to have a proper fit test on a regular basis. If you require a mask to do your work safely, don’t forget to get recertified. See Lori Takenaka in RMS to schedule a Fit Test appointment.



No Planned Noise or Building Maintenance in LSC on February 3 & 4

From Saturday, February 3 to Sunday, February 4, please note that there are student admission interviews taking place at the LSC on the ground floor. Noise issue can be very distracting and grounds for applicant appeals.

Therefore, no planned loud noise, such as alarm system testing, no construction and no building maintenance, like painting, on the main floor of the building. All planned building maintenance should be scheduled outside of the interview event.

As this overlaps with the noise window from January 22 – February 4, please contact Deb Capps if you have noisy work planned for the weekend of February 3 and 4.


AMS Life Building in Partial Occupancy

Building Operations is operating FLS, Elevators and Custodial Services for AMS Life Building (formerly the old Sub). Here is a glimpse at upcoming demonstrations.

The main concourse inside the Life Building Henry Anderson/The Ubyssey


A New Purchaser Position Added in the Stores/Tool Crib Team

The new Purchaser for Building Operations-Stores and Tool Crib is a new position of which Olga Arlitt will be responsible for developing processes to aid all trades in sourcing and selecting products or tools for purchasing to complete projects. As part of this role, we will be reviewing our purchasing habits and working with all teams to ensure Stores stocks the right products at the right quantities to meet requirements. Olga is a welcomed addition to our team and will help us meet our goals in supporting Building Operations to become a proactive organization!


2018 Western Conference on Safety Registration is Open

If you are a Safety Representative and are interested attending the conference, speak to your committee chair and head/manager. Contact Lori Takenaka or Tariq Din to register.


Draft EAOS Road Map Draft until the Year 2020 Coming Soon

We’re making progress in moving EAOS forward. We have developed  a draft road map that takes us to the year 2020.

As we continue to focus on becoming a more proactive organization, we have prioritized some key initiatives that will help us get there.

Here is a list of the initiatives, in no specific order, that you will find on the road map.

  • Implementing a more effective way to capture time and effort with the implementation of a software system i.e. moving away from manual time cards
  • Implementing a more effective way to manage our maintenance programs with the implementation of a Computerized Maintenance Manager System (CMMS) software system
  • Assisting the UBC Integrated project team to implement the new system  called WorkDay replacing PeopleSoft
  • Collecting Asset and Space Use Information
  • Developing Operations and Maintenance plans
  • Developing ways to plan more effectively, to schedule and to execute on work
  • Developing ways  to organize our crews more effectively i.e. Zone/Central shop
  • Developing ways to collect and report on information through effective Business Intelligence strategies
  • Developing ways to do Quality Assurance checks for Custodial services

We are securing people to lead these initiatives and planning is underway to roll them out over the next few years.

We plan on updating the  EAOS Tree, Website, Media screens and coming to your shops to share our plans and get your input. Stay tuned for more details.


Looking for a fitness challenge to start the new year? Register for the 12th Annual Walkabout Challenge, January 22

This is a nine-week health and wellbeing challenge inviting participants to compete in walking the distance of a virtual route by keeping track of the number of steps they take. Create teams of 5 and/or register as an individual and achieve personal and team goals for only $10/person. This year’s challenge runs from January 22 – March 25.

Learn more and register.


Fit Mix Challenge Registration is Open

Test your limit! Compete against yourself in a series of fun fitness challenges! Activities include a car pull and tire flipping. Can you beat yourself and the clock? Find out by signing up now. Registration closes on Monday, January 22nd at 5PM.


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NPS score decreased to 83% with 5 new promoters and 1 new detractor.