Workplace Experiences


As Building Operations staff, when we are engaged with our work, we can have positive impacts to UBC’s research, learning, student experience, and community engagement.

Every three years, staff and faculty to provide direct feedback about UBC as a workplace through the Workplace Experiences Survey (WES). We use WES to understand staff opinions about academic excellence, collaboration, communications, engagement, health & wellbeing, immediate unit head/manager, inclusion & respect, innovation, job satisfaction, professional growth, student focus, UBC’s senior leadership, work environment, and work/life integration. The results of WES help guide us when making decisions on how to improve our work environment.

The Plan

At Building Operations, we believe we can foster an outstanding work environment by working together. In order to do that with the WES results, we will:

  • Share the feedback we received with all staff;
  • Review the results together to achieve common understanding on what our results mean to us;
  • Act on improving.

Starting early March 2018, look for key sharing activities, like:

Key review activities will follow, including:

  • Group discussions about our 2017 WES results and what they mean to us all;

With that we can plan how we want to improve key areas of our working environment.


In this section

SHARE – WES 2017 Survey Results

Find our 2017 WES results, highlights and trend analysis here.

REVIEW – WES 2017 Survey Results

Coming soon, look for more information on the tools and resources we will use to build a common understanding of our WES results.

ACT- WES 2017 Survey Results

Coming soon, look here for more information on how you can get involved in improving our workplace experience.